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 The St.Pauls batch of 1993 today concluded their reunion meet at the school in camp.

The batch is very active on the internet and with help of internet this even was planned and executed to the best, that what ex-Paulite Dr.Handgandi told this blog.

This year’s event was mainly concentrated on cherishing those old pranks played on teachers and fellow friends. The event began by paying tributes to those teachers and fellow batch mates who are not with them today. Then the school anthem was sung and event proceeded.

A professional database was also made at this time which will be used later to share job openings and references within the group.

The batch mates were fildsc01015led with joy to see each other; a few saw each other after 15 years, a few after 5 years. In fact a few like Mr.Faiz and Vishal Raut who had left the school in 8th std came for the event to see their old day buddies.

In the Picture: Ex-Paulites enjoying thsoe old moments and becoming a child.


Blast from the past; a creation of Mr.Devikant which was a collection of old photos from school was very applauded by the batch mates. The chronicles of 1993, a collection of all the pranks and tricks played with teachers was the best event of the day and many new confessions came up which everyone was surprised to hear.

To narrate just one of them; Mr. Vinay Kothari said that he had lifted a cake given to their calls teacher and then the whole class equally ate the cake and at the last before the teacher left the class, one student told that, “Sir we ate the cake” and the teacher replied” If you all shared it then it’s a good thing”. The best thing is the person who lifted the cake from the teachers table never ate anything as it contained eggs.

All old memories and dances on the songs of that era like, Muqabla of Prabhuudeva, Jumma Chumma etc were played and all enjoyed it. A short film of last reunion held in 2003 was also showcased in a packaged format to relive those moments also.

Mr.Chingale told this blog a mega event is in the planning for 2013 where it will be a 2 day event and will include all teachers and complete families of the students.

All the batch mates supported the organizers and they also plan to give back to the school and the society from the amount collected at the reunion as it was done in 2003, by donating the remaining amount to Karunalaya, an old age home.

People bond together without any prejudice just as a community to work betterment of the society, a noble cause indeed.

All the best for next reunion.

Disclaimer: I am part of the batch.

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