Renaming Belgaum challenged


The High Court on Thursday issued a notice to the Center regarding a petition challenging the government’s decision to change the name of Belgaum to Belagavi.

M V Chawan and others from Belgaum contended that the change of name would affect the culture and sentiments of Marathi people. The petitioner further stated that the name was changed with political motives to hurt the sentiments of Marathi people and cut of Belguam’s historic roots with Marathi culture and language.

On October 25, 2006, the Revenue Department sent recommendations to the Central Government regarding changing names of major cities in Karnataka, in which Belgaum was changed to Belagavi.


Chief Justice P D Dinakaran and Justice Mohan Shantan Gowder issued notice to the respondents.


Do we really require a name change is the question to all? What will happen if the same name is retained or it is changed? Will Belgaum’s fate change if the name is changed to Belgavi?


In India we have courts and courts will take their own time on any issue and ocne the matter is in court, we should not say anything, only say “The matter is sub judice “.



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  1. dear, All the Belgaum people,s do know wat is the real name of that;s Azeem Nagar ok if u ask any one how know;s of history of belgaum ok dont fight this name and that name


  3. I personally feel we should not fiddle around with the name…. its true that renaming it to belgaavi would definately hurt marathi sentiments. The name Belgaum is historic name and one should not tarnish and that too because of political jokers. All the blogs above i read are 50/50 from both kannada and marathis. I feel ashamed that all you educated people should not be commenting on marathi or kannada sentiments. I personally not forgotton my 25 yrs wherein i spent all along with mix bag of marathi ,kannada & konkani people. I have always admired them in every aspect. My views below on border issue.
    Renaming of Belgaum to Belgaavi – No way it can be changed. If you want it to be changed then change all Galli names like patil galli, chavat galli etc into kannada.
    Belgaum going into Maharastra – 100% No No, simply because Belgaum is educational hub in terms of infrastructure, facilities & more imporatantly in quality which Maharastra lacks in quality of education.
    Why Belgaum is great city : Because of both Marathi and Kannada people, their culture and different varieties of food which even i dont get in Bangalore & Pune as well.

  4. I am neither a Maharashtrian or a Kannadiga by race. I have been born and brought up in Belgaum. My forefathers came here over a hundred years ago. I have a fierce love for this city. Whether the name is changed or not it will always be Belgaum in my heart. As most comments say this is just a tactic of politicians to distract the common man from realizing that they are messing with us, stealing from us and basically destroying us as a city, a state and a nation. There was a time I felt we would have been better off in Maharashtra, but today it makes no difference. Both states are being destroyed by our politicians whom I consider rapists, as they are doing nothing but raping our natural resources, our poor people, and all of us, and all under the guise of "serving the people". We should all get together as Indians, as human beings and rise above this .

  5. Belgaum is the child of Kannada, Marathi & Urdu people. Kannada people are calling Belagum as Belgavi, Marathi people are calling as Belgaon & Urdu people are calling it as Belgaam because mother may call call her child in any various nick name know. Nothing is hidden part in Name of the city but all sweetness is hide in the heart of all Belgaum People. Before changing the name of the city 1st Govt has to change its looks on their Govt.Offices how the Corruption is going, every where the Agents Raaj is there, Office Surrounding is so dirty, how the officers behavior with people. Change is it 1st the change all. OK 🙂

  6. Why were Bombay, Calcutta, Madras not left with their old names? That was there no problem of sentiments?
    Why only the hue and cry when Belgaum is given its original name?
    MH govt is useless and should stop commenting because Kingdom of Karnataka had MH within it and historically much older than MH.
    So the barking dogs creating nuisance are some of these marathis…they should better try to improve situation of marathi manoos instead of making stupid comments.

  7. Belgaum is so cool place and it is duplicate of mahabeleswar and in belgaum there are some stupied peoples like kannadigas and these are the barking dogs.i.e means barkings dogs dosent bite and bitting dogs doesnt bite and kannadigas are the barking dogs they are the folish peoples they dont know that belgaum is of maharastra only and it will be of maharastra only.And this kannada peoples dont know that they have robbed belgaum from maharastra and they are called as “CHORADE KANNADE”.And they show they power in banglore only.Once this belgaum goes in maharastra then u see kannades how we will kik u out of belgaum

    • Why are you poking ur nose in KA -MH matters?
      It is none of ur business…
      you assholes should be kicked back to that pigsty of GJ.

  8. I dont find any reason to rename belgaum / belgao to Belgavvi. Its all politician want and unfortunately we fall in their trap. Now tell me will there any change going to happen if its included in maharastra or has it changed more than expected for being all these years in karnataka. And how if its included in new state carved out of existing karnataka and made a capital of it. still there wont be much change. whatever the above scenario we will always be taken for a ride by these so called progressive parties.

  9. why kar govt. want to change the name of belgaum now wht is the purpose and intention as everyone knows belgaum is known by BELGAON all over country……what these bastard politicians wants ……this is happennig just because of bastard politics

  10. when most of the people of belagavi are kannadigas, who should there be oppoisition to the name 'belagavi'? and its funny why these guilty people think kar is deliberately (?) trying to hurt marati sentiments, as if we do not have better work to do. And coming to the history part, that is the biggest joke, the more you go down the history route the more places of mah should become part of karnataka.


    • Are Bhai, Tumhari Umar Kitani hai, Bori Bistar to Unko Bandhana chahiye jo idhar aye hain. Jo Log Idharkehi hai woh kahan Jayenge. Tumko Malum hai, 1960 census ke mutabit 60% population in Belgaum Marathi tha. Aur aaj bhi Belgaum Corporation mein woh raj kar rahe hai. Jana hai unko jo idhar aye hain. Samze.

  12. Whatz der in the name ! ? !
    Belgaum is a village and contiune to remain a village weather it's in Kar or Mah. Because the menatality of the people is not changing !

  13. i just love the city, for i was born there and will die there.. who cares if its called Belgaum, Belgavi, Belgaon, Venugram or Abracadabra! Shakespeare commented long ago, "Rose called by any other name will still smell sweet!" so it goes for Belgaum.. Does renaming the city to "Belgavi" or for that matter "Belgaon" change the culture of the people living in the city? or does it change the fact that we have the some of the worst roads in the country? or does it change the fact that we have the most friendly people in the country? It hardly makes a difference!

  14. Ya BELGAUM is the cool name to resolve the problem……But some bastard people wants to change the name as if BELGAUM is there father’s property

  15. Inspite of 3/4 of the population is marathi( this is the fact which everyobe knows) speaking in belgaum why cant the government issue all the govt. published documents in marathi and kannada both, what will happen if they issue this can resolve most of the problem in belgaum……… why the govt. want to change the name of belgaum and its culture, this is happening because of some bloody selfish politicians.People are not for the Govt. but the govt. is for the people. Govt. should understand the need of the people and come to the point of resolution. My mother tongue is Marathi and I am happy to be in Karnataka or any of the place of India, because I think language is for communication and for understanding between two people and not to make it profession politically.

    My message to all the people of Belgaum and Govt.of Karnataka is that lets resolve this issue now by treating equally to marathi and kannada people living in Belgaum through honesty and peacefully and lets focus on development of Belgaum……..Proud to be an Indian first….Jai Hind……..

  16. All Kannadigas are barking dogs who are living in Belgaum. Karnataka Govt must have forget about the Belgaum. It was a Maharashtra, is in Maharashtra and be in Maharashtra. So All Kannadigas wake up and be ready to leave from Belgaum. The days are coming to devote the blood for Belgaum understand.
    This warning for Kannadiga Dogs and Karnataka Govt too.

  17. My dear friend BELGAUM name was not changed by British ruler, it was changed by Hazart Asad Khan Lari (Camp Dargah) I have read history of Belgaum, earlier it name was veteregoan, Azamgad, but at that time people of belgaum faced lots of problems, then Hz Asad Khan Lari decided to change the name as BE-LAGAUM (Hindi/Urdu name) for betterment of the Belgaum poeple. if we change the name of Belgaum may be we face the problem again. we should think of all HINDI, URDU, MARATHI, ENGLISH & KANNADA speaking people sentiments. MY VOTE FOR "BELGAUM" not for other names.

  18. In conversation, Kannada speaking people refer Belgaon as Belgavi vice versa Marathi speaking people call it Belgaon. But all over the world it is known and referred as BELGAUM. And the same should remain for ever in the records. Belgaum acquird todays cosmoplition status because of its being a cantonment. Let there be no change.

  19. Look who’s talking bullshit.. its the government who wants to change the name.. Instead of giving lectures abt INDIANISM here, go tell the babus sitting in Vidhan Sabha..

  20. Can maharashtrians make mumbai a different state and kannadigas make bangalore a different like delhi because lot of people from different parts of the country are there.

  21. the change in name is just dirty politics.People in belagaon r staying happily as a mixed culture people.There r no quarrels between marathis and kannadigas staying in belgaon(or belgaum)the karnatak govt is not doing anything to improve belgaum .the roads r horrible,in fact nothing is in good shape.Just by giving lots of promises and doing nothing ,karnatak govt will lose the goodwill and only earn bad name.
    I think Karnatak govt. should not do anything till the supreme court does not take any decision

  22. My dear friend Sandeep,i feel pity on you and your thoughts..plz give me the address of nano production in Darwad ,how can nano go to Darwad when it has nothing to do with either Belgaum or Darwad . And what Equal rights buddy ? What do you mean by Rights ? Are you not happy ? I dont see any discrimination between Kannada or Marathi.You want to eat VadaPav Sandeep? Eat Idli Man its not oily its good for health. Dont look at Mumbai ,no one from there will help you, “Stop Jhalach Pahije” Why you want Belgaum as a small town in Maharastra? when Karnataka is making Belgaum Second Capital.Think Big dont be narrow Minded,
    Dont make people Laugh at you or your Jhalach pahije Cause

  23. What does new CM want to prove by changing names of cities? he want to prove that he’s bringing revolution in Karnataka? No matter its in karnataka or maharashtra be belgaumites n love belgaum. S*** ***** aahet sagle kahi tari natak karat basatat he. There is no future for belgaum even after going to maharashtra they will later ignore like they are doing for other acquired cities. The same is happening from karnataka side as well if we develop this n later gone to maharashtra then it will be wasted thats the reason it will never gone change after changing name or anything. We just need to change our attitude and start loving our motherland.
    Thanks Guys.

  24. Instead of Belgaum or Belagavvi simply change the name to Bangalore(Bengaluru). Yes, that way we magically will reach the economic development of the garden city.Or, we can all leave this highly idiotic issue and focus on the real important matter,like economic development and infrastructure investment.The politicians simply want to divert attention away with such meaningless things as name changes .All over the world,the people who are familiar with the place call it Belgaum,but some idiots feel that their heritage is being destroyed and so want to change the name.Like that improves our situation.British rule is part of our heritage,whether we like it or not. It’s time to move on and do constructive things rather than sit and whine about what is the authentic name of a place.The quality of people’s life matter more than all your stupid stupid sentiments.Grow up NOW.

  25. My Dear Marathi-maanus-from-Belagaavi,
    Why you just see the History from British Ruling? Just see the Fort built in 200BC, which built by Kannada kingdom. Since then this part, not only this part, but upto Godavari river entire part was part of Kannada kingdoms. So actuall History is that, Karnataka, kannada-state should get more parts from present Maharashtra.

    So Forget the Belagaavi.

    Jai Kannadaambe.

  26. My dear Belgaumites, Yes the issue is very critical. The name change seems to Hurt the sentiments of Marathi people. Yes from that point of view name should not be changed. But india is a democratic country. Unofficially kannadigas have the right to spell “BELAGAVI”. Let the Old name be Intact. There is no problem. The state government needs to learn that. Politicians do all the stuff for Votes. Let us not bother about What politicians say.

    There are atleast 6 0r 7 cities in Karnataka bigger and densely populated than BELGAUM.ex: GULBARGA, MANGALORE, MYSORE, HUBLI, DAVANAGERE etc. The change of name has taken place in many Cities. Let us not deviate from the issue of name change. If we have to discuss about any other issue then please create a new topic and then discuss about it. We are all united Indian citizens. Please don’t quarell on Language basis. Remove all kind of attitude from your Brain. Let us all be friends . Mahatma Ganghiji spoke 26 Languages, Former Prime minister spoke 14 languages, i myself can speak 6 languages including Kannada and Marathi. so please Maintain peace, already we have Pakistan, our RIVAL to DIVIDE India. Please don’t divide ourselves on language basis. Go home think properly with Calm Mind and then Decide, what for we are quarelling. There are really Big issues like INDIAN CULTURE, POVERTY, QUALITY of EDUCATION, CORRUPTION, INEQUALITY, GENDER INEQUALITY and so on. So focus on real issues and Help INDIA grow fast and become a developed country rather than Fighting our own Brothers.


  27. I dont have any objection with any other thing just wanna convey one message to kannad people just think if maharashtra also starts beating up kannad people and also their small kids and old people as it happens in belgaon, but maharashtra never did this,coz we have a heart which is very kind, not stone hearted.i have many frens in kannada they all are very good to me n infact they are my best frens.. i am not against kannad or karnataka, just want to convey my thoughts that as the majority is marathi in belgaon kannad shud keep good relations with marathi people… let evrything be in common if shop sign boards are in kannad it shud hav marathi also, if any official papers are printed in kannad it shud be printed in marathi also, why there is difference, coz this all shows u want us to be in trouble all the time, we cant understand kannada and not even saying u shud be able to read n wite marathi, u follow ur lang n we will also follow ours… wat more can i say. lastly just think from the belgaon development point of view if belgaon gets developed both kannad n marathi will be benefited.. think of it….

    • Who d hell told u marathi is maj in bgm? when non-marati learn marathi in maha state why cant marathi people learn kannad in bgm? why r there no acceptance to non marathi sign boards in maha? no one beats up maha people in bgm. but maha people beat up non maha in maha, u have anarrow thinkingabout kannadigas . R official papers printed in gujarati in mumbai as there r many gujus there? u have learnt kann as 1 lang in school so if u say u cant follow kann it is ur fault. stop this hyppocracy this message is 4 marathi people in bgm


  28. Even if the name gets changed u cant rename it in marathi people heart. N to all who is saying dat it is political game and ask people living in belgaon where they want to live,here is the answer we all want to live in belgaon being a part of maharashtra and not karnataka.. all kannada people say dat this place is safe for marathi people then why there is need to rename it, why there is need to build suvarna souda. C till today wat karnataka has developed in belgaon NOTHING, and it will never do also coz they very well know dat one day or the other it will be a part of maharashtra, and the day when belgaon will go in maharashtra just wait and watch the kind of development it will do in belgaon, coz maharashtra has more dan 5 cities which are developed not like karnataka which has only 1 or 2 cities developed, dat is bangalore and mysore.
    N just wait n watch one day or the other belgaon will be in maharashtra.. Jai Hind Jai maharashtra..

  29. My great-great grand father moved from Chandgad, Belgaum (then in 1902 Maharashtra Kolhapur). Myself from Belgaum, now in USA since 1996, (still my father-mother-joint family stays in the heart of Belgaum), oppose the naming of Belgaum to Belgavi. has already changed its database to Belgavi from Belgaum.

    In 18th century, Belgaum was named as “Velugrama”. A plance where Bamboos grow in the jungles. The British came to Belgaum in 1840’s, the last letter record I have with myself. Between 1840 to somewhere to 1700 Century AD, Velugrama was called “AJAM-NAGAR” and was ruled by the Bijapur Sultanate.

    The Fort of Belgaum was there before the Bijapur Sultanate, and was rulled Jain Kings.

    I do have some old photographs of Belgaum, which I will forward once I scam them for viewers.

    The British could not “spell out” – “VELU” – so they started calling it “Bel” and Gaum – for gramma (village).

    Personally, I feel that Belgaum must get back to its original name “VELUGRAMA”. I personally believe if we get back to this word, Velugram will come out of its trangled state between Maharashtra and Karnataka. Also, we would like to forget Slave treating British Mark on Velugram.

  30. As far as my knowledge goes, Belgaum (or as they now call it – Belgavi) was known for it’s bamboos and was known as Venugrama (village of bamboos). This was anglicized by the British to Belgaum. Belgaum has predominantly been a Marathi city. However due to the villages surrounding Belgaum (like Nippani, Athani) being Kannada dominatated, Belgaum was included into Mysore state (later named as Karnataka) Since then the fight for Belgaum to be moved as a part of Maharashtra has been happening. To subsidise this, Karnataka govt did major transfers of govt employees of Marathi origin to South Karnataka and moved Kannada speaking people into Belgaum, therby reducing the Marathi:Kannada ratio. VTU was probably set-up in Belgaum with the same intention. The other political aspect here is that there is a lot of Octroi which gets collected on Belgaum border. While Karnataka does not want to loose this revenue, Maharashtra wants to earn it…and as is said, when two elephants fight, it is the grass that looses. That is what is happening to Belgaum.

  31. Dear All,

    Before commenting Pro-Kannada comments Please do google into belgaon’s history. Belgaon will remain multicultural city but everybody should accept the roots of the city and hence decide the future. Maharashtra has a rich histroy and great fiture hence it will not die if belgaon doesnt come to Maha. Also Karnataka slso should not indulge into activities of changing the roots and Marathi culture which definitely creates irritation amongst maharashtrians. If gone beyond a limit karanataka would find the agitation difficult to handle.

    And the last thing.. its the heart of the public which tells the true story.. whether belgaon belongs to Maha or KA..

    As far as my knowledge goes I find it similar to kolhapur except signboards which are in kannada..the language on the street, the culture and way of living is very maharashtrian style and simple..

    I have travelled rest of karnataka as well.. it differs culturally from Belgaon..


  32. This is nothing but a political gimmick. Do you think Belgaum will improve in anyway just by change the name??? Belgaum sounds better than Belgavai. I think people of Belgaum should take a firm stand irrespective of Kannada or Marathi. For heavens sake unite for the betterment of Belgaum. Else we will continue to have the muddy pot holed roads, power cuts, water problems, unemployment etc.. Please dont bring in the Kannada/Marathi divide/differences. Lets unite for this cause and various other causes to brings some semblence to our city

  33. Hi its nice to have a change as now its a very famous dialouge of the President elect of USA But I would like to ask a question will this new name to our city bring any real in the lifes of we commom people no not really its just a political gimmick so lets not waist our time on this debate and work together for the betterment of the self,society and our country We do need a change not just the names of our cities but our attitude.

  34. Wouldn’t it be more relevant at this moment to look forward to economic & infrastructural progess that the region needs urgently than playing scrabble (classic word game)? Architectural League of New York recently invited commoners to revitalize New York City by calling the theme as ‘New New York’. I think everything is fair in war; and this war is for empowerment!

  35. Why Karnataka government is running behind the name? Is there any profit? If you want do something then do something good for belgaum. Please visit once to nearer villages & see how they are struggling to get water, no transport facilities, no hospitals, no roads….. Do some effective work…
    Government is made for people, so they have to see the people issue. Belgaum surrounded with lots of villages which are dominated by Marathi people. The people know only Marathi language & some people know Kannada. E.g. – Before the Buses were running with Marathi & Kannada Board & it was very useful for all Marathi & Kannada peoples. However theses day’s buses are running in Kannada Board, They have removed the Marathi name. Why? What is the use of this?

    What Karnataka government is doing…?
    1) High court moved to Dharwad.
    2) Railway Branch moved to Hubali.
    3) TATA Company moved to hubli.
    4) IT Park moved to Hubli.
    5) Now Project”NANO” is moving to Dharawad.

    Why this is not happened in Belgaum?

    Only below thing is happing in Belgaum.
    1) Forcing to change the name from Belgaum to Belagavi.
    2) Changing the Bus board name, shop names in Kannada.

    By the way nobody “DOGS” hers. We are human being. If you forgot, I think you are also belongs to human beings?

  36. i want to know if belgavi was used before, ie before the British era..

    also what does gavi (of belgavi)mean in Kannada? Can any body comment

  37. wats the use in changing the name .wat is the problem if it is belgaum. its not only the name that is given by the britrishers there are many thing as well like the ancient buildings why dont we want to destroy it because it costs money.come on its not the time to say belgaum or karnataka or maharastra lets say we are INDIANS.

  38. [email protected]
    Belgaum is influenced by the Marathi culture and being under Bombay ( Now Mumbai )Presidency

    had Marthi as its languia franca. It was the fault of the kannada speaking people that no kannadiga took initative to start a kannada medium school . I am a north indian who has stayed in belguam for a period of ten years , the shocking fact was most of the kannadigas went to marathi schools ,while they were speaking kannada at their residence. Belgaum is not really a marathi dominated but virtually dominted. Belgaum is karnatak in a real and ethenic sense.
    Many akin situations are Ambala (Harayana) which is virtually Punjabi but really and ethinically Haryanvi , as mosst people tend to speak Punjabi as kannadigas in belgaum tend to speak Marathi. One has to agree to the bitter fact that the Punjabis,Maharastrians,Tamilians ,Bengalis have a refined society then the other states ,since thes states got Mumbai,Kolkata,Delhi-Punjab,Chennai as they are the old and developed cities.and hence the attraction is there towards the said four languages.

    – RAMESH-

  39. Belgaum is influenced by the Marathi culture and being under Bombay ( Now Mumbai )Presidency

    had Marthi as its languia franca. It was the fault of the kannada speaking people that no kannadiga took initative to start a kannada medium school . I am a north indian who has stayed in belguam for a period of ten years , the shocking fact was most of the kannadigas went to marathi schools ,while they were speaking kannada at their residence. Belgaum is not really a marathi dominated but virtually dominted. Belgaum is karnatak in a real and ethenic sense.
    Many akin situations are Ambala (Harayana) which is virtually Punjabi but really and ethinically Haryanvi , as mosst people tend to speak Punjabi as kannadigas in belgaum tend to speak Marathi. One has to agree to the bitter fact that the Punjabis,Maharastrians,Tamilians ,Bengalis have a refined society then the other states ,since thes states got Mumbai,Kolkata,Delhi-Punjab,Chennai as they are the old and developed cities.

    – RAMESH-

  40. Selfish politicians can do whatever they want….Our CM told he will give the equal importance to Marathi peoples in belgaum while seeking for votes during elections…Is he forgotten everything?

    What is the purpose of renaming Belgaum to Belgavi? Is this because “Belgao” the name refers to Marathi word? Or Karnataka Govt have any fear with this name?
    ………Instead of concentrating on name change Govt should work on other development issues…Belgaum is main city in Karnataka(Un officially we can say second capital of the state) but nothing is happening for belgaum…other than these kind of useless developments…

    Are our belgaum BJP MLA’s reading this blog? Are they able to do some thing? Please concentrate on Belgaum development in all prospects….

    If belgaum is part of Karnataka then why project “Nano” going to Dharwad…we know belgao is better than dharwad even thogh dharwad has some big companies like Tata..

    Please share your thoughts regarding this matter…Its important.

  41. Never give up men…………………

    we will continue with the new name,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BELAGAAVI

    its not new also, previously the city was Known as Belagaavi itself, if the british changed it to BELGAUM then who is the culprit here? why cant we continue to call our town as BELAGAAVI……………..
    its the land of KARNATAKA, it doesn’t belong to any Barking DOGS isn’t it?

    • good job keep up the spirit… fight for the motherstate…forget india. Fight for such dumb reasons and spend the time instead of living and growing as one so that the next generation also continue to fight for the same bullshit reason. For language, race, religion for whatever.
      Now that the british is gone lets fight for non-existence.

      I am a mallu was brought up there in belgaum now settled in trivandrum working in dubai. When I first landed in belgaum (1985 or 86 i think) you belgau(mites) where fighting for the same reason. Many where killed then.
      Pathetic !!!

    • Mahantesh vakkud you rightly said Belgaum doesn't belong to any Barking Dogs. But your knowledge about belgaum needs to be improved . Belgaum was earlier known as a Venugram. and if you want to know how venugram changed to Belgaum just refer history. so Belgaum is a right name for the city.


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