Renu Killekar new Deputy Mayor

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Smt.Renu Killekar who represents Ward No.34 in the city corporation has been elected as the Deputy Mayor of Belgaum.Dy.Mayor 2

In the election held today Smt.Killekar representing the Marathi speaking group got 31 votes while her opponent of the Urdu group Firdos Darga got 25 votes. The Belgaum corporation is now under women’s rule, as the Mayor is also a women Smt.Manda Balekundri and both are from the Marathi group.


14 thoughts on “Renu Killekar new Deputy Mayor”

  1. No need to specify to which group mayor or deputy mayor belong to.Development is more important, and they(mayor and deputy) should realise.From many years same thing is going on and on.

  2. Can she stand up to the actual power brokers i.e. the MLA's and the likes. I'm sure the Big and the Mighty have found a perfect lame duck dy. mayor.

  3. I dont know y in Belgaum always talk about groups:——Muslim,Maratha,kannada , Its my humble request to new mayor realise the value of your place and do something for Belgaum people

  4. Its high time Belgaum stopped speaking about groups …. cant you see this has only been a hurdle in Belgaum's growth due to which our children are suffering … though they have good education they have to leave their home town and their near and dear ones and go to far off places for better jobs …… i just hope the mayor and the dy mayor realise the problem of our young generation and concentrate on development of Belgaum by improving the infrastructure and stop our internal fight so that the big companies think about shifting to Belgaum …….

  5. Well said ! What does "group" mean? We are all Belgaumites..! Just nail this into your head first !
    Only then you can think of some development in our city. And remember these people who talk about group etc are the ones who always crib saying our city is this & that. Be the change you want to see !!!

  6. MES is a spoke in the wheel of development. As it is corporators are of no use to the society and added to this is the linguistic probelm due to which Belgaum is suffering. Do we really need corporators ? what is their knowledge level and hos they can contribute in functioning of corporation , It's high time this system of corporators be abolished

  7. Belgaum badly need development,and the people of belgaum has nothing to do with any Muslim,Hindu or Kannada group.I think group the is biggest barrier not only a belgaum but country facing of development.Compare to other cities we are far behind just because of this group.No matter who is MLA firoz sait or ramsh kudchi na matter who is Dept Mayor Firdos darga or SMt Killekar or they belongs to which group we need development.


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