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Request to connect with IT professionals who are from Belagavi and NK

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It is a common sight to see well-educated Engineering folks from tier-2 cities like Belagavi making a beeline to Bengaluru or Pune or Mumbai or Hyderabad as a destination for their career.

While the lack of opportunities in their native places was the main reason. Other compelling factors included access to multiple opportunities, bigger paycheque, and being in the metro always outweighed lesser goodies that small towns had to offer.

For the experienced professionals, they had reasons like kids’ education, connectivity, access to good medical facilities as the reasons not to return from metros.

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The experienced lot even sighted the reasons like how their employers(workplace) demands their physical presence, how the job function demands teams to be under one roof etc as main reasons to stay put in bigger cities.

Covid-19 has changed all that dramatically. The so-called ground-truth for professionals has been shattered.

I know my friends who have been working from remotest corners of the Country for the last 8-9 months. A lot of them have stayed with their parents, met old school buddies, and dined in roadside favorite joints. Their kids have almost enjoyed( and still enjoying) freedom from being locked in day-long schools. They have learned to enjoy outdoor activities (not the Mall rounds).

I feel this is a time to really think and retrospect on professional careers. Our tier-2 cities are no more the old fashioned towns of bygone years. They are really cosmo in their very little own way, e-commerce and connectivity have ensured the material needs are sufficiently taken care of.

This is the time I want to reach out to all the engineering (especially the IT) professionals from Belagavi area and even adjoining North Karnataka.

I am personally interested to connect and invite you to visit us at our office (Vayavayva Labs) at Belagavi.

See some of the cutting-edge work our team has been doing for the last 14 years. People from this office have boarded planes to similar destinations that you have done from metros like Bangalore or Mumbai.

I am hoping a chance meeting with us might rekindle your thoughts of doing something in your own town or village.

So why hesitate for a gup-shup over a cuppa of Chai? If you are interested please drop me an email at rkpatil[at]gmail[.]com or Whatsapp to 7975172199.

Request you give some details as to your name, contact number, and your profession when you write/WhatsApp to. This will allow me to connect faster.

Thanking AAB in advance as this is the only platform that came to my mind when I wanted to reach so many of you not knowing me.

In fact what best example there can be to showcase how a one-man army sitting in Belagavi can create a modern digital platform!

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