Riders without helmets and ISI mark to be penalized from 22 January


Belagavi Traffic Police will be cracking the whip on two-wheeler riders using sub-standard helmets without ISI certification from January 22, 2018.

The Facebook page has a post which makes a mention of this.

The Traffic police will stop and fine riders who are spotted wearing non-ISI, half-face and even open-face helmets. This enforcement comes under the ruling of Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which bans the sale of non-ISI marked helmets.

Photo From Mysuru where the police recently enforced this in a special drive Courtesy: Internet

As of now wearing of helmets for a pillion rider is not enforced in Belagavi.

The Bengaluru police have given time until Feb 1 or else the riders will be fined Rs.100.


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  1. First govt should ban the half helmet manufacturers, police men themself r using half helmet what is logic behind that i Don’t know?
    And this rules will be followed only for few months, its just a harashment for public
    One more thing govt should make a law that each two wheeler company should provide one ISI marked helmet to the customers
    Or traffic police should provide ISI marked helmet to every person who has got two wheeler free of coast…
    Because when we buy two wheeler or any vehicle they take RTO taxes from us…
    What facilities we r getting by RTO?
    No proper roads also…..

  2. Why Open Face helmet is getting banned is annoying. When Open Face helmet is approved by ISI & most of helmet companies manufacture this kind of helmet, what is the issue of safety.
    Full face helmets tend to be very sweaty inside, since no air movements happen. We need to buy again a full face helmet temporarily.

  3. First improve the road quality, have proper signals..not wearing of helmets is not just the reason for road accidents, even improper roads and signal system causes road accidents. Its easy for the Govt to bind such laws on the public.

  4. In Belgaum improve the road quality first and then ask for helmet… Buffaloes are the first tax payers then auto rickshaws…. Lastly common man… Who is riding byk…

  5. Well.. in a way it is good because it makes people wear helmets that actually keep your heads safe and not just for show. But then ISI mark?? I have an imported helmet which is recognized by ECE & DOT which certify helmets for Moto GP class riders but then obviously there is no ISI mark.. Should I still pay a fine? WTH 😀

  6. Some policemen themselves wear half helmets with some leather patch covering the ears … practice what you preach!!!


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