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Road widening in most areas without Tender process

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Patil Galli, Mensi Galli, Ramlingkhind Galli, Raviwar Peth have seen demolition works for the master plan, but surprisingly the City corporation has commenced work without commencing the tender process for the construction of the road and gutters etc.
What this means is now the entire roads would be lying like this until the tender process are floated and then work order issued.

Road widening in Belagavi
Road widening in Belagavi

The worst part the Patil Galli road widening is planned to be done under the 3rd installment of the 100 crore grant which the Govt is yet to approve.

Only a tender of 1.4 crores for Kalmath road has been just floated by the corporation. For the issue of work order it will take 2 months. 

The scene at Patil Galli is very saddening and with the monsoon on the anvil the residents will face a very hard time.

Now when the funds are not even allocated or even a without a principal sanction of funds for Patil galli how is that the demolition work was undertaken?

This only means no work by the corporation would be done for the next 2-3 months and the citizens would be put to great hardships. The people who have lost everything have no where to go and those who have demolished their buildings the corporation is not even cleaning the debris.
Some people have lost 90% of their houses and with no rehabilitation or even compensation where will they go is the question infront of them.

So why was all this done in such a hurry ?

3 thoughts on “Road widening in most areas without Tender process”

  1. Is the athority blind, people will have no other option with out any compassion or any other alternative from the authority concerned ? Please do try and understand and compensate.

  2. Probably this was done in a hurry because these roads were shown as already completed in the CDP plan a year back. Thus when this would have been audited the corporation would get cornered. Thus to save themselves the work started in a hurry and has been left to poor peoples fate. And insanely no compensation will be provided.


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