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Roads for VIP re-carpeted twice in six months but what about other roads

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It is a common scene that roads on which or which lead to the houses of the VIPs are always in a good condition, but the administration also ensures by re-carpeting the same road twice in six months to ensure the VIP a smooth ride home.

The Hanuman Nagar double road has been re-carpeted twice in six months and there are roads like the Somwar Peth which have never been even patched and have huge pot holes, infact the road only has gone missing in some parts.

somwar peth
This is a road (Somwar peth Deshmukh road corner)

The Somwar Peth photo clearly shows the apathy of the people. All the other roads like Mangalwar peth, Budhwar peth have been pavered but God knows it best the Somwar Peth road was not pavered or even patched.
So the best place to live is near or on the way of the VIP it seems.

Sources in the corporation say  that the pavering of Somwar Peth will be done in the next phase with an estimated cost of Rs.22 lakhs in about 6 months.

4 thoughts on “Roads for VIP re-carpeted twice in six months but what about other roads”

  1. same like azam nagar footpath also re construction repeat azam nagar only what about shahunagar no foot path other road work n gutters

  2. The same at Shrinagar first left turn at the garden towards chanamma society. Couple of days back there was big function held to start the development in this area, but after the function the dumpers JCBS and the officials of BCC vanished .

  3. Thats True, There are no proper roads in Shahu nagar either especialy the 5th cross, all the dirty water is seen flowing on the road. Still no one bothers to come and check. Only the Common man has to suffer.


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