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Rotary E Club takes up polio corrective surgeries

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India has been certified polio-free by WHO — an encouraging feat indeed! Just three more countries remain polio-endemic, and Rotarians through their concerted efforts are concentrating on eradicating the crippling disease from the world.

Polio eradication was top priority of Rotary since 1988 but rehabilitating polio victims and undertaking polio corrective surgeries was another mammoth task indeed, and The Rotary ­Foundation (TRF) swung into action.

Rotary E Club of Dist 3170, BelgaumThe virus has left several people including young children crippled and paralysed. Polio corrective surgery camps are organised by Rotary clubs to reverse the condition and mobility aids such as calipers, wheel-chairs and tricycles are provided to the polio victims to enable them to lead a better life.

The Rotary E Club of Dist 3170, Belgaum in partnership with three international partners viz Florid club Dist 6960, Cairns Sunrise Dist. 9550 & New Zealand club Dist 9930,  which had got global grants of Rs.30.80 lakhs for the Polio corrective surgery has already finished 8 successful surgeries. 

The project was initiated by the Rotary E Club of Dist 3170, Belgaum in November 2014  and Dr Anil Patil from Lake View Hospital doing the operation free of charge.

Eight Corrective polio surgeries were conducted and they are now leading a better self reliant life.

If you come across any such case which might corrective surgery due to Polio please contact 094481 15457./ 9845903559 /9448691732 / 9844128950 /9448120250

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