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Royston Gomes football begins 18 july


The Royston Gomes memorial football (under 13) will be kicked off on 18 July this year at the St.Pauls high school grounds. This is the 27th year of this tournament.



On 15th August 1979 Royston, son of Jo Gomes studying in Std.3 went to Gokak for a holiday. By accident he fell into the water and the he died.


Royston, loved to play football and keeping this mind in 1981 his father started this tournament. This tournament has been a landmark stone in the football season of the year and the stepping-stone for upcoming footballers. As all of them start playing for their school only from this tournament.


This tournament has seen one of the most disciplined teams playing each other. The standard of the teams has also increased with time. Out of the 26 years that’s this tournament has been played St.Pauls have won it 21 times, Phoenix School 4 times and Belgaum Military School once.


This time 20 schools will participate in the tournament. The finalists qualify for inter state invitational tournament in which this year teams from Goa, Bangalore and Pune will participate.


I know many of those reading this might have also played in this tournament when they were in school. I never played tough but was witness to many a victory of St.Pauls and also witness to the loss to Belgaum Military School.


Hip Hip Hurray !!!



  1. Its really a pleasure reading dis coz i hav also played dis tournament n v beat PHOENIX in d year 2001-02. Infact i still cherish those memories & not 2 4get d coach Mr.Christanand Vaz he was a genius, the Alex Fergusson of Belgaum.
    This was are Squad…. Amit Masekar,Sanmati Patravali,Juze Figer,Peter Fernandes,John Mascarenhas,Ankush Gonsalves,Roshan Dsouza,Caitan Rodricks,Tushar Arlikatti,Stanley Menezes,Pavan Shetty,Pascal Lima,Brian Dsouza,Chetan, Suraj H,Dhruv Sadekar.

    Thank You….. CHEER BOYS CHEER

  2. Hey Guys New Champion This Year Marathi Vidyaniketan………………. We Smashed Ur School Bob…………….. Cheers

  3. Well its good to know that this tournament still continues..I studied in St. Xaviers and am sad that xaviers has not won this tournament once [:O]..

  4. It is indeed great to hear that this tournament still continues in rememberance of Joe’s son. I was also taught by Joe’s sister Anita in 3rd standard.

    I happened to study till 6th std in St. Paul’s and the rest in BMS. I did play an exhibition match for St. Paul’s when father Patrick Lima was there.

    God bless all the teams that participate in this tournament, and may it be enjoyed by one and all.

    Augustine Samuel

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