Excess collected at Hattargi toll

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CIC—TOLL RTI query results in Rs 1.87 Cr recovery from toll operator

The commuters were being charged extra at the Hattargi Toll plaza on the NH4 about 45 kms from Belagavi, and this was unearthed in an reply to a RTI reply. The over charging was to the tune of Rs 1.87 crore.hattargi-toll

P A Burge, in his application, stated that he wants to know the reasons for which the user fee was being charged at Rs 20 and Rs 40 whereas it should have been Rs 15 and Rs 35 respectively. Soon after his RTI application landed in the NHAI offices, a surprise check was carried out Hattargi user fee plaza which showed the commuters were indeed charged extra.

NHAI has imposed a penalty for excess collection toll fee by toll collecting and an amount of Rs 1.827 crore has been recovered for the same. The excess amount of toll fee collected by the agency has also been refunded to NHAI by the toll collecting agency.

Notice boards came up on all toll booths, displaying that the excess user fee of Rs 5 can be collected by the passengers, after producing proof of identification and excess fee charged.

3 thoughts on “Excess collected at Hattargi toll”

  1. See what just an RTI can do. Can we do something like this at the toll booths on NH 4 towards Bangalore. Specially the Ashoka toll at Hire Bagewadi which is the highest toll I believe. And in my opinion why can’t we have a uniform toll collection in the state and atleast on NH4.

  2. Can we request P A Burge to file an RTI for the Ashoka toll? Why they are charging so much when the road is/was not yet ready and the quality is very bad..

  3. Congrats PA Burge!
    Why cant NHAI think of Swipe machines? Swipe and move on for those who wish to use their debit cards. Swipe once for all or some tolls that exist on the road we take for that particular journey and allow separate outlet for such users. Optional only.


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