RTO back in action fines Autos


love dale belagavi

rto_autoIn a surprise turn of events the RTO today started checking the Autos for meters and implementation of fare by meter.

Today Autos without permit, without meters and other papers were fined in various locations in the city.


It is believed that RTO has swung into action after the citizens complained to the DC and then the DC issued another order asking the RTO and SP to take action against non compliance.

It has to be seen how effectively the RTO handles this grave issue which is beneficial to both Auto drivers and citizens at large.

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. This may be to achieve their month end target. for whole month they would sleep when common man shouts for justice.
    Let’s see at the end of September and October and you will see the pattern.

  2. Chalo at least some action by the RTO on the instruction of DC. Well done “Auto ka Meter down karo” group but we have to follow it up with more action.


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