Samarth Maharashtra Abhiyan ends at Subhash Maidan


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The much talked about Maha Melava or convention of the MES named as the Samarth Maharashtra Abhiyan which the party had launched before the Maharshtra elections came to an end today at the convention. The convention is still going on with eminent speakers like writer Dharmadhakiri speaking and also speakers spoke about Shivaji Maharaj and his foresightedness. The turnout for the event was smaller as expected by all.

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The Bhagva flag atop a building
The Bhagva flag atop a building
Groups coming in
Groups coming in

Samarth Maharashtra Abhiyan was organized to press for the 53 year old demand of the Marathi speaking community. Changing of the name of Belgaum, demand for letters, circulars in Marathi, bring entire disputed area under central rule, safeguard the rights of the linguistic minorities were some of the demands.mes3

Young lads
Young lads


People started to come in groups and women were good in number. As the afternoon went by and the weather cooled down more and more people joined the convention at Lele Ground.mes6mes7


Media personal from all medias were present
Media personal from all medias were present

mes10mes11mes12KRV activists damaged a Maharashtra govt bus as agitating against the Karnataka govt. decision to grant permission for the convention.

All photos: UkMaD taken till 4pm.

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  1. after seeing this news on enternet my heart filled the joy of sorrow i support to truth which belgaum belongs to marathi and maharashtra jay hind jay maharashtra


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