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Satish Jarakiholi Blames Overconfidence for Defeat in Belagavi

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In the wake of the Lok Sabha election results, a political tussle appears to be brewing between Minister Satish Jarakiholi and Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar over the defeat of Hebbalkar’s son in Belagavi. While Jarakiholi’s daughter emerged victorious, Hebbalkar’s son Mrinal suffered a loss, prompting speculation about the underlying causes.

Minister Satish Jarakiholi indirectly pointed fingers at DK Shivakumar, stating that the Congress leadership’s excessive confidence hindered the party’s performance, preventing it from reaching double digits in the state. Addressing the outcome in Belagavi, Jarakiholi emphasized that he was not to blame for the Congress candidate’s loss. He highlighted the significant presence of Lingayat voters, who, he argued, did not align with his influence.

“There are 5 lakh Lingayat voters. Do they listen to me? Minister Hebbalkar has failed to attract voters,” Jarakiholi stated, underscoring Hebbalkar’s inability to garner sufficient support in the constituency. He further elaborated that both Lingayat and Maratha communities were not effectively engaged, leading to the Congress’s defeat in Belagavi.

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Jarakiholi clarified his position to reporters in Belagavi, reiterating his commitment to winning and refuting allegations that he contributed to the loss. He attributed Mrinal Hebbalkar’s defeat to a failure to connect with key voter groups, asserting, “We worked to win, not to lose.”

During the Lok Sabha elections, Lakshmi Hebbalkar was tasked with overseeing the Chikkodi constituency, where she also campaigned for Jarakiholi’s daughter Priyanka, who ultimately won. Meanwhile, Satish Jarakiholi was responsible for the Belagavi constituency, where Mrinal Hebbalkar was the Congress candidate. Despite these efforts, Mrinal’s campaign did not succeed.

In response to circulating rumors blaming him for the defeat, Jarakiholi sought to clear his name and redirect the focus to the broader issues affecting the party’s electoral performance in Belagavi.

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