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School going boy killed in Accident near Military hospital

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Yusuf Fayaz Hudli studying in Standard 8 of GA high school Belagavi was killed on the spot near the Military Hospital this morning while he was going to school.

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The boy was a resident of Kranti nagar Ganeshpur and he was going to school on his cycle. A tipper also coming from Ganeshpur on the turn at the circle, the boy slipped or the tipper might have hit the cycle he went under the rear wheel and died on the spot.

The driver of the tipper stood there only even after the accident and a police constable who was passing by just arrived there and informed the police control room.


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  1. Feel vary bad when such accidents happens and parents lost their love ones.

    Need to take care specially school children’s. Traffic police has to present like this spots. So many
    accidents happens in belgaum.


  2. Sad incident. Was there a couple of minutes after it happened. Don’t know who was at fault. Could have been avoided if there was a police or an army jawan deployed at the spot. I request the authorities to at least now post somebody there during school timings. A lot of KV school, Marathi vidhyaniketan, Paulites, Josephites and Xavierites use the road as it is the only road from vijaynagar, Saraswatinagar, ganeshpur, kranti nagar and adjoining areas towards these schools. To make matters worse, the army authorities have restricted public from using some other alternative roads due to which traffic has increased on this one main road. To make matters worse, road widening work has been going on for the last one and half year without any signs of completion. Under these conditions, such accidents are waiting to happen. I guess we are all to blame for accepting things as they are. And young budding lives will continue to be cut short cruelly. My heart goes out to the boy’s parents in their hour of grief. RIP.

  3. A very tragic incident. May Allah give strength to the kid’s parents, to overcome the grief & loss of their only son. Aameen!
    RIP Yusuf.

  4. RIP And let the God give strength to family to bear the great loss.

    Kls school near Gogte college is also one of such place where one should care immediately. What i observed is the school is surrounded by rich people and even during school time at 9am as well as at 3.30 nmany residents ride there car without bothering for children who are in hurry to reach to school or home. The road in front of school should be blocked during that time. We have talked many times with guard to do something but school authorities or guards are afraid of rich people and they told that earlier I requests care not cared.

  5. My deepest condolences to the boys family.There.are no policemen at crucial crossections and even if they are there,they don’t bother.Truck drivers don’t have traffic sense.Travelling on Indian roads is a matter of chance between life and death.Authorities don’t value human life .

  6. sad to hear abt.the news.Prayers for the departed soul.Pray Almighty to give strentgh to the bereaved fmly.Authorities please deploy traffic police during start n end of school timing.

  7. Baba Yusuf ko Allah Jannat nasib kare. Aur unke parents ko Sabar de. Aamin. Aur Allah Tala hum sab ki hifazat farmaye . Aamin


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