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Seven Construction clarifies no Nala or watercourse through the said property

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Today the Seven construction site at Jadhav Nagar was surveyed by the City survey department to find out whether the said Seven construction building is being built on a nala.

The city survey officials denied to say anything after the survey and said they will submit the report to the DC as per the order.

In a press briefing later addressed by Faizan Feroz Sait and Qais Bhavnagari Noorani made clarifications that entries made in the Record of rights (RTC) since 1973 till date do not mention any Nala or watercourse, neither do they mention any POT KHARAB land.


The duo further alleged that some people with vested interest and having political rivalry with our partner are filing false complaints and petitions to the various authorities complaining the existence of alleged nala through our property and making false allegation of the diversion of the nallah by us based on insufficient and false information.

Also, some self styled RTI Activists are trying to extract huge sums of money from us by filing RTI Applications and selectively disseminating false and incorrect information to the press and certain Vested Interests knowing full well the truth of the matter. We have them on video record and a criminal complaint has been filed against them on 07/09/2017.

Furthermore, upon superimposing the alleged CDP Nala on the layout’s in the Survey Number 1369 and on the Google Earth Satellite image of the area, it will be clear through which properties the alleged CDP Nala should be flowing.

The clarification is as follows –

We are the absolute owners of the property bearing CTS No. 4861/1/N, from out of Old R S No. 1369/1B/2, measuring 4840 Sq. Yds. i.e. in all measuring 40 Gunthas (1Acre) situated at Jadhav Nagar, Belagavi,; (Herein after to refer as the Said Property), wherein we are carrying out the construction of our residential project “The Seven”.

We purchased this property from Mrs. Sayali Praveen Katwa vide registered Sale Deed dated 25/11/2013, registered in the office of the Sub Registrar of Belagavi.

The said property was purchased based on the following documents issued/sanctioned by the Department of Land Records, Deputy Commissioner Belagavi, and Belagavi Urban Develepement Authority;

The village map prepared by then British Government by carrying out a survey before the year 1920. – There is no Nala or water course in the entire survey number 1369.

The Deputy Commissioner Belagavi, in his office NA order No: RB/LNA/SR/I/7 1972-73 Dt:17/02/1973 has converted the entire extent of land ie RS No:1369/1B/2 measuring 1 Acre for residential use. – There is no POT KHARAB A or B in our 1 acre extent of land.

The said land was reserved for Residential use in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP 1993) approved by the Urban Development Department -Government of Karnataka(UDD GoK). Based on this and the NA order issued by the Deputy Commissioner, the Belagavi Urban Development Authority (BUDA) Sanctioned the Single Plot Residential Layout as per The Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act -1961,Section 17, earmarking the entire extent of 1 Acre for residential use through its office order No:BUDA/PLN/LAY/CR/88/2011-12/4479 dated 26/10/2011 in favour of Smt. Sayali Praveen Katwa.

If at all there was any Nala or watercourse through the said property there would have been a mention of it in the RTC.

The Assistant Director of Land Records(ADLR) City Survey, Belagavi has issued Plain Table (PT) Sheet to Smt. Sayali Praveen Katwa on 10-01-2011 showing the entire extent of 1 Acre land in R S No 1369 & CTS No 4861/1. There is no Nala or Water Course in the entire RS No 1369 & CTS No 4861/1.

Till Date CTS PT Sheet and Property Extract (UTARA) issued by City Survey Office for CTS No 4861/1/N shows the entire extent of 1 Acre land purchased by us and there is no Nala or Water course flowing through it.

Diary entries with the survey department dating as far back as 1970 do not mention any POT Kharab land or Nala or Water course.

The Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) prepared by BUDA and Approved by UDD GoK in the year 1993 and again in 2014 DOES NOT SHOW EXISTENCE OF NALA/ WATER COURSE through our Property.

The BUDA has issued Land Use Certificates to us stating that the entire extent of our Property is reserved for Residential Use in the CDP’s prepared in 1993 as well as 2014.

The BUDA has also issued CDP extracts of 1993 and 2014 demarcating our property to the extent of 1 acre which does not show any Nala or water course through our property.

The Commissioner, Corporation of the City Of Belagavi has issued building permission to construct residential building on the said property on 20-03-2015 in our name after scrutinizing all documents and verification of the status and nature of the said property.

Further , The Commissioner, Corporation of the City Of Belagavi has issued Plinth Level Certificate through Office Letter No. CCB.BLD.SR -219/2014-15/N dt 15-07-2016 to proceed with the further construction.

On 07/09/2017 A Joint Survey of the Land Records Department, BUDA and City Corporation was conducted and this survey will make it amply clear where the Alleged CDP Nala should have been flowing.

We hereby, clarify that no such alleged nala/natural water course was in existence at any point of time through our property and we have proved the same time and again. Hence, we are issuing this declaration in public interest.

The general public at large can find all the above referenced documents which have been posted on the link

These are all documents in the public domain and can be verified from the respective departments.

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  1. How much did AAB get to publish this case?
    Everybody knows there was a nala..
    With money and power anybody can manipulate anything.

    • then why are u commenting as anonymous you know the truth na come forward. i have ur IP address so i am preparing to file a case on you false allegations prove that i too money
      iF u have the guts come forward
      If u have a valid document get i will publish it dont make baseless allegations i am not here to listen to your rubbish

  2. And don’t believe these corporation surveyors.. They will say “SATISFIED” if you pay them 5000 rupees. (from personal experience) 😀 😀

  3. @anonymous, shame that you made that statement, you forgot that AAB put both the news, the allegation and the clarification presented, what made you make that statement is really is something I still can’t figure out.

    Appreciate the effort put in bringing both sides of the story.

  4. Editor ignore the trolls. Have been following your site for long, no question about your ethics. You are doing your job of putting information in the public domain. You are just paying the price for being honest. Chill out.

  5. All is OK, Mr Editor… But plz don’t threaten your readers

    Saying you have Ip address

    My dear editor put a case a case on me if you know my IP..

    I understand your reaction was a innocent reaction of a innocent person..

    Plz cut loose, let ppl express.. Give breath to Belagavi ppl

    • so who paid you comment this may be you took money and are posting this. grow up Shailesh. no other platform gives you to comment so that does not mean u can type in anything
      expression has limits

  6. It is a humble request to all viewers
    Before forming any sort of opinion, that they read /check every document, every documents right from 1920 to date is available on our website These are all documents in the public domain and can be verified from the respective departments.

    Nobody has denied the existence of a nala, we only say that it does not flow through our project

    We also request you to consider the blackmailing angel


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