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Several big trees chopped without permission in Camp area

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The chopping down of large trees in a Bunglow near Fatima Cathedral in Camp has come to light this morning. About 11 very old and big trees were cut and a crane had to be used to lift the logs of wood as it was heavy. Another few trees were also to be cut but due to some alert environmentalists the Forest department and Army was forced into action. tree-canttree-cant

The trees have been cut without permission,” sources said and the Forest officials and even men from the Army Police were seen at the site and all the equipments were seized and all the workers including the contractor were taken away for investigation.

Sources as we write this story the Forest officials are filing an FIR on illegal felling of trees.

According to the Indian Forest Act, each state has laid down its own rules and regulations against felling of trees. Each one has to get permission to cut trees even in their premises.

In this case permission had to be taken from multiple agencies such as Cantonment board, the MLIRC and the Forest department, but no permission was taken from anyone sources said.

If you wish to cut down a tree that is blocking your way, or for any other reason, you need to submit an application to the respective Forest department office, mentioning the threat you are facing, along with a copy of your title deed, or ownership certificate and photo. You would be also required to write to the corporation, to give clearance to the Forest department. On receiving the application, a forest officer or an officer from the Tree Authority will undertake a site inspection and all genuine requests will be granted permission.

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  1. It seems like Do what you want who is there to ask you. And if some one asks they can be taken care off. I pity the Poor trees. May be some thing coming up there.

  2. We are going to be short of oxygen very soon ………Always remember if you see some one cutting the tree same moment make a call and register the complain against the nature enemies.


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