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Shabrimalai stampede 10 killed from Belgaum

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Tragedy struck the devotees of the Shabrimalai on their way back after Makar jyoti darshan when a bus fell into the valley and a stampede occurred later. The incident occurred about 50 kms from the shrine.

10 people have been identified as of now from the 105 dead to be from Belgaum district.

District incharge minister has left for the site in the morning.

Three deceased are from Khasbag, namely Anand Golar(18), Yallapa Golar(27) & Nagesh Itagi (21) all residents of Basveshwar Circle Khasbag.

The other 7 have been identified to be from Gokak.

The dead bodies will be brought to Belgaum by Sunday.

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  1. very sad news then belgaum goverment have to pay some money for they family its possible other wise we are belgaum people have to collect some money "God Bless them"


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