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Shahi Masjid in Bapat Galli was built by both Muslims and Brahmins – Muslim League

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MLA Abhay Patil met the Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil and requested him to survey the Shahi Masjid in Bapat Galli as he claimed it was built on a temple.

Dastgir Aga Muslim League leader held a press meet on Tuesday where he said the Shahi Masjid has been registered with the Wakf Board and was built by the Muslims and the Brahmin community.

Aga also mentioned that it was the Bapat family who asked the Muslims from nearby areas to come to the area and helped them in constructing the mosque.

Aga further said this is nothing but a political gimmick to destroy the peace and harmony between the two communities.


A delegation will meet the DC soon and submit a memorandum to stop this kind of unwanted polarization in the community.

Aga said the architecture is always done by locals and has the taste of the local craftsmen.

2 thoughts on “Shahi Masjid in Bapat Galli was built by both Muslims and Brahmins – Muslim League”

  1. Really Pathatic, Dont know why the nuissance is being created by these Political leaders. these guys never qualified for getting Jobs/ service, thats why spoiling the Rozi-Roti of Common man.

    For doing nothing they grab everything from poor working people. Now its high time to ignore such shameless guys and concentrate on our work.

    First let these guys prove themselves by applying and getting new job in private company and show their intellectual level.

  2. Definitely a political gimmick to get promoted by their bosses for spreading hate and communalism. All ppl only want jobs, low petrol cost, interest on investment, education, health improvements. Pray in your heart, If only politicians redirect their passion from spreading hate to improving infrastructure and quality of life India will progress so much but then they will lose control of votes.


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