Shahpur Police inspector threatened by MLA

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Shahpur Police inspector Javed Mushapiri who has been taking novel and innovative steps to make policing more citizen friendly has been allegedly threatened by a sitting MLA.

Sources say that the MLA threatened that in the next three months he will see where he will be you may be honest but I know how to row you into controversy.

Sources have also confirmed that Mushapiri decided to resign and also met the higher police officials and acquainted them with what has happened.

File photo of Javed Mushapiri when he was acting against errant Autos

The story seems to be very similar like that of the movie Singham where in Jaykant Shikre tries to harass the honest police officer. Some scenes could also be inspired from the same movie, but at the same this is a very dangerous precedent.

If the police can’t work on their own and with political interference at every step, the morale of the officers will certainly come down.

Javed Mushapiri also had spats earlier when he was the Traffic North inspector when he has commenced the drive against errant auto drivers. That time as well the drive was stopped due to political interference and in fact after which the drive was stopped. The auto drivers also later hooted at Mushapiri and said Kya kar lega be tu?

So it is not new that this officer is facing such interference from elected representatives. Citizens must be aware of whom they elect.

Do we want a Jaykant Shikre or we need to protect honest police officers, after all the choice is yours.  

17 thoughts on “Shahpur Police inspector threatened by MLA”

  1. Honest Officers Should be Protected By the Public & arrogant Politicians should be shown their place in the upcoming Elections.

  2. If honest guys are not supported by citizens, we will shall have Goonda Raj. Belgaum cannot become another Bihar. Let us all defend and organize.

  3. He could have taken action against him.. Arrested him…
    Or have taken a press meet to give details…
    If he will be quite then he will suffer in future if not now.. Declaring the situation in press may give him moral and public support..

    These idiot politicians try and play with law as they want..
    And the fact is that this will never stop unless the police dept will be made free of political influence and interference.

  4. All about Belgaum,Why you are not disclosing the name of the MLA who threatened the PSI? Are scared of that MLA? Mr.Mushapuri need not resign.Why he should resign? Do not take such actions otherwise you are encouraging such politicians.On the other hand you should file a case against that MLA for threatening the office on duty, under the provisions, which you are better known off.I hope your higher authorities will definitely support you.

  5. It is time we support honest public servants. Due to arrogant politicians and their
    Chamchas, their morale is already very low. All right thinking people should hold Weekend dharnas in front of the politician’s house/office.

  6. 1. Looks nice to see all communities supporting the honest officer.
    2. AAB it would be great if you could give a hint of who that politician is so that citizens are aware of the reality of their beloved politician.
    3. For us citizens ,it is very easy to sit and comment saying what Mr Javed needs to do, but only he knows how difficult it is to deal with politically powerful people who think that they are above the law and many times they prove this to us.
    4. @AAB if you have a network in state/national media I think you should try to bring this to their attention provided you have some kind of base for the allegation so that honest officer gets some kind of moral support.
    5. Appreciate the fact that you tried to break this news and tried to give whatever moral support to Mr Abdul.

  7. Javed is very active and we have seen him during his tenure as Traffic Inspector.This MLA must be taught a lesson as we have elected him and Mr.Mishapuri has come because of his talent.
    All citizens should unite and should show solidarity with Mr.Mishapuri and let this MLA resign…

  8. It is high time the citizens took the concerned MLA to task. Please name the MLA so that we can all SHAME him in public and ensure he does not get reelected in May 2018.


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