Shahpur Property Owners Get Relief from Court

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During the construction of the new road that connects Bank of India Circle to Old PB Road, certain property owners were subjected to injustice, leading them to seek legal recourse. Fortunately, the court granted one property owner the right to reclaim their land and construct a building, prompting other property owners to follow suit by erecting pillars.

It is worth noting that the road in question was constructed by Belagavi Smart City Ltd. However, an unfortunate incident occurred when the building belonging to VibhutiMath was unlawfully demolished. Sainath Angadi and Annappa Danihal, at the time, had requested that the road be measured and aligned according to the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP). Regrettably, their pleas were disregarded, and they even faced threats. Consequently, their building was demolished, prompting them to approach the High Court to seek justice.

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To support their case, the petitioners presented the CDP map, which indicated an 80-foot road. Despite this evidence, their building was demolished to protect the interests of the property on the opposite side. All relevant documents were duly submitted to the court, leading to a favorable ruling that allowed the construction of the building. Furthermore, the court ordered those responsible for the demolition to provide compensation. As a result, VibhutiMath has commenced construction work.

It is disheartening to witness the unjust demolition of buildings. However, through legal intervention, both the Smart City and the municipal corporation are now facing significant consequences for their actions.

2 thoughts on “Shahpur Property Owners Get Relief from Court”

  1. Time to explore who was “threatening” and punish him as well as suspend the Smart City head at that time.who colluded in implementing.

  2. I live near to this building approximately 300 mtrs away from this building it is so frustrating to know the real truth.
    so many vehicles trucks buses rickshaws are being damaged due the this road which was not completely made because of this case.
    So frustrating!!!


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