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Shops on the storm water drain demolished

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After the horrific incident of the commercial complex collapse which took one life on Thursday, the City corporation demolished all the 34 shops built by itself about 30 years ago.

34 shops were built upon storm water drain (Shivaji Road Amba Bhavan) in 1984 and the resettled the shop owners whose shops were removed in the road widening near central bus stand. The complex also housed an anganwadi school and Urdu government primary school.

1 thought on “Shops on the storm water drain demolished”

  1. Nothing to worry there are more on the way, just have a look at the Goaves Complex. It also does not look good, but what to do corruption ka paisaa jo miltaa hai ? Log mare usme mera phir bhi faaida hai, loag death certificate lene aayange hi udhar bhi paise khaaonga.

    They have constructed shops at 1st gate, even place where beggars sit is more spacious and well ventilated. Namesake shops, if two people stand inside it will be crowded. Where can we put the goods ?


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