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Shwet Priya’s Veins photo Official Selection’ in One Eyeland

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A gifted photographer & filmmaker – Shwet Priya from our own Belagavi has charmed the world with her image being chosen as the Official Selectionin One Eyeland a community of creative photographers which showcases the worlds best photographs.

Her image was selected from over 150000 entries that are sent by several leading photographers across continents. Her fascinating image titled ‘Veins’ is being featured currently under the worlds famous photographers.


The image is not black & white, many skeleton of a leaf are placed one behind the other and is back lit. Hence It shows undefined patterns of leaf.

Prior to this her short film Silhouettewas selected in the Los Angeles Film Festival in the Best Short Film category.

She has a Masters Degree in photography from Light & Life Academy, Ooty; where she honed her skills under the mentorship of renowned photographer Iqbal Mohammed. An avid travel & adventure enthusiast she continually strives to tell stories through her images. She is currently working as a professional photographer & filmmaker.

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