Silent pages deaf ears

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Originally scripted by Sameer Majli
Nothing has ever changed human life as much as the advent of the internet. The whole world suddenly seems to have gotten smaller and there is a much desired platform to present ourselves and speak our mind out. Reaching out to people and organizations has never been as easy as it is today.
Among the first to do this were the “Traffic Police, Belgaum” who put up a Facebook page in May 2011(not updated) and they were followed by the “ City Corporation, Belgaum”, in June 2012(Page removed now). The citizens suddenly had multiple platforms to express their concerns and woes with the prayer that there would be someone at the other end, waiting to take note of the same and to address the prevalent issues. Recently the Commissioner of Police Belgaum city also opened a new page. police-fb-page
The page already has 550+ likes but no response from the page as such. Except the image uploads done the day after the inauguration of Commissionerate.
The current page of the Commissioner of Police Belgaum city has some comments by users but with no response it would hardly make any impact. At the same time other cities which opened similar pages in 2011 are doing very good as there has been a two way communication.
Is this a gimmick that had done its deed and needed no more attention or was it just a change in the party at the helm of affairs, is a mystery for us to ponder over and maybe eventually learn to accept.
While most commoners are addicts when it comes to Facebook, one can only guess that Facebook failed to instill similar habits to facilitate discussions and exchanges that would have mattered the most.
Have we just earned ourselves another spell of silence? We guess only time will tell. Till then it’s just you and we here at All About Belgaum and our endeavor to provide a much needed vent to the voices in town that have a lot to say about what needs to be done to make life much better in our own sweet spot in one little corner of the blue planet.

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