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Sino-Indian joint training exercise: December 8 and 14 at Belgaum

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The China-India military exercise will be held in Belgaum most probably from December 8 to 14.
A 100-member strong troop comprising officers and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army will visit India to take part in the second Sino-Indian Joint Training Exercise. The exercise will deal with jungle warfare.

The reason for the Army to choose Belgaum for this exercise is because this place in Northern Karnataka is because of the forest cover. Another reason is because of the ample space available and also this town borders the Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre and also the Air force will join them.

Moreover, the place that has been chosen in Belgaum is secluded and away from the public eye. Besides, additional forces which can support in administration will be readily available.

Source: Rediff

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