SLAM @Belagavi An initiative for better Traffic Sense

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When misfortune becomes custom, it is time to take matters into hand and do whatever we as citizens can to address the issue that has been bothering is for long. Each time there is a death due to a road accident in the city, there is a momentary surge in emotions and people resort to protests and endless discussions. The final rites of the beloved one are performed, people assign blame, there are arguments and counter arguments and things get back to normal again.

kids-on-bikeAs far as memory goes, the city of Belagavi has been witnessing close to 4 to 5 deaths of school and college going students every year. The number of injuries are innumerable and unaccounted. There are also cases of pedestrians being run over and other major and minor accidents. We all seem to remember the essentials only when the misfortune happens and then, life gets back to normal.

KLE Society’s Degree College of Commerce, Tilakwadi is commencing an initiative called “SLAM-Saving Lives and More”, beginning 1st February 2017. The objective is to undertake an ongoing campaign for awareness generation in an attempt to make the streets safer.

The key issues being addressed include

  1. Driving without licence
  2. Rash and reckless driving by large and small vehicles
  3. Triple and multiple seated riding of two wheelers
  4. Driving wrong side
  5. Violation of traffic signals
  6. Use of mobile phones and earphones while driving

Several related aspects will be dealt with in a series of initiatives which will also attempt to specifically educate parents and students regarding the grave risk to lives.

The College has submitted a letter of appeal to the Traffic Police in this regard and in collaboration with the local administration will attempt to make the difference to ensuring prevalence of civic sense in the said context.

People interested in contributing to the cause are requested to contact the SLAM Project Coordinator on 9611313919.

All About Belgaum has been highlighting this issue for a long time and takes pride in associating with this venture that is long overdue.

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  1. Great Initiative. I Would like to join SLAM along with my organization FINS Belagavi (Forum for Integrated National Security) since discipline among general public is essential for Internal Security. We have to make our people ‘Smart’ to justify our city being called ‘Smart’.


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