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Slaute the Good Samaritans – Belagavi Floods

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For the past week, Belagavi has been seeing one of its worst flood situation in many decades.

Unprecedented rain and then followed by waterlogged streets, flooded houses, stranded transportation – all this and more define the grim situation in Belagavi from Monday to Thursday.

The city is going through a very challenging time, facing its highest rainfall in 10 years and the floods that followed.

Waterlogging has risen to 6-10 feet in some localities and all residents are caught with very less water food.

flood-waterflood-waterflood waterHESCOM as a precautionary measure has stopped the power supply to most inundated areas. Some areas have no power for more than 48 hours now.

In such a situation, it is very important for people to help each other out. And they are doing so in some amazing ways. Standing strong against the heavy downpour, these Good Samaritans did not miss out on any opportunities to assist. This is our chance to thank and salute the selfless people who are doing their best for their fellow beings while being in the middle of a crisis themselves.

A host of Good Samaritan’s has come forward to help the stranded. May it be with food, rescuing the stranded or giving medical help.

This was also the time when Social media be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp all were put to good use to gather volunteers and then the entire schedule was shared and they got to work. Rescue teams were Sent to Chandgad with a distress call received and then managed from Bengaluru.

Most of the restaurateurs have helped in making food and supplying it to the needy. Each one did just whatever he or she could do, but the feeling of helping others is important and being with your fellow citizens during their time of grief and need is of utmost importance.

From the MLA’s to the ground workers, each one tried to do his bit to help the stranded. The heavy downpour was not resistant at all for these youths, for them the aim was to give relief in form medicines, water, food, clothing to the needy.
Many were rescued in boats, even Plastic bathtubs and thermocol boxes. They helped when it was needed the most.

Many hotels, mangal karlayas have opened their doors with the help of others and are providing food shelter to the needy.

We salute this gesture of the people who have come to help others in need of time.

This worst situation in Belagavi has stood together. No Religion difference no political difference, Masjid, and Mandir giving shelter to all.

Salute to the great spirit of Belagavi.

12 thoughts on “Slaute the Good Samaritans – Belagavi Floods”

  1. Beautiful article!
    Proud to be a part of a city of not just good, but great people! We can never forget your help!
    Proud to be a Belgaumite

  2. All along through the past hot summer of this year we were praying for RAINS as a relief . Now that the Rains have come, they are falling down in heavy downpours. This is prevailing in most parts of our country, even in my state(where I am now presently residing). But as a past resident of Belagavi ( Old Belgaum), the fact that most this peaceful city is now submerged in rain water is a sad story. It appears the authorities were also NOT anticipating such a situation that is now arisen in Belagavi city and areas around. Kudos to the Y GENX for the all the relief work they are now carrying on to ameliorate the present crisis…. May GOD ALMIGHTY Help You All………

  3. It is heartening to see that humanity still survives and the Belgaumites rose to the occasion and proved it. Hats off to everyone, who has put in his/her bit of service!

  4. Lots thanks to belagavi young communities and all belagavi sister and brother thanks full to helping each other. I hope always help each other every where every time. Pls don’t thing realigieon. We are one.

  5. As Belgavi is good and livelihood city since from decades and I appreciate helping stranded in this flood occasion is really a work of god to needy.

  6. People ofBelgsum are great. They have faced such a terrible suitation. They are helping at hour of need. God bless them. What a great unity.

  7. Great job my dear friends of Belagavi, let us unite and work for the needy ones , being in the middle of crises, nothing stops us to work in the disaster situation, ..


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