Smart city ki Smarak city

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by Vikrant Inamdar

Looking at the status of our Belagavi city one gets the impression that it’s not that the city is in a development phase but as if People have come to stay in this city while it was under construction.

Its as if all the population was in a hurry to grab n occupy their plots / flats / bungalow’s or else the concerned bodies/departments/might devour them.

Today while travelling on the Pits & falls(man created) is nothing less than a “Roadies or Khatron ke khiladi” task but without any rewards.

Water logged roads

Sometimes you wonder whether you are trying to miss a pothole or are we searching for roads to travel on within these potholes. There were times when we used to proudly say Belagavi was a safe city, but looking at it today you cannot be sure of coming home safe once you leave your house. You could land up in a hospital or if lucky in a Cemetery.

stuck spm road

It feels as if the bureaucrats/politicians are in a hurry to take up all projects that come on a platter. Now the issue is whether they are capable enough to handle all these projects at a time, coz present situation seems like all works are started & incomplete just like what a busy barber would do while attending to his line of clients.

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Its a known fact that the development of a nation lies in its Education system, the attitude of its people & most importantly in the hands of its Bureaucrats / Politicians / Industrialists coz the “money power” required to actually implement the development needs lie with these people only.

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We the so called majority population comprising of ” poor, lower middle, middle, higher middle class” can only brag, curse, cry about the situations around us with our pleas falling on deaf ears.

We have been doing it for centuries & will continue doing so for centuries to come. We either need a “change of blood in the power sector” or “big revolution to start from scratch”.


Hope we dont have to opt for the second option which could be devastating coz if a revolution takes place then the day is not far when we will see our Smarak / Statues around the place.

Recently we witnessed a mob reaction in our own capital city Bengaluru, wherein a handful of people attacked the local MLA’s house, the nearby police station & damaged the property. Hope such incidences don’t become the order of the day also that our Bureaucrats wake up & start working seriously on development.

Jai hind.

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  1. Belagavi is the worst City to travel. We cannot ride or vehicle peacefully, looking at the pathetic roads of belagavi, one can be pushed to death traps. The authorities are so careless and the people of belagavi are to be rewarded for their patience. It’s high time the bureaucrats wake up and get the roads completed and repaired. None of the roads in the entire belagavi is safe to travel. Atleast looking at other districts development, the officers concerned should learn lessons else people will have to teach .them


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