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Smart city project non starter due to negligence of Officials and District minister – Angadi

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In a media briefing called by Member of Parliament Suresh Angadi at his CADA office today alleged that the central government’s smart city project is delayed due to negligence of the District in Charge Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi and the lack of interest of the officials.

The 400 crore disbursement from the central govt has earned 25 crore as interest as no works have been under taken as yet.


In a recent meeting held at Bengaluru district in-charge of Belagavi for the smart city project Rajesh Singh slammed the officials on their attitude and said works and DPR must be ready by this month end.

Ramteerth Nagar has been included in the Smart city project for are based development, Angadi gave a deadline of 20 days for the project to be started there.

Officers must work for the overall development of the city, he added.

0 thoughts on “Smart city project non starter due to negligence of Officials and District minister – Angadi”

  1. As usual people are lazy. They are least bothered about development. It will help the region and people but like us working outside Belgaum will get chance to return to our city. But politicians don’t take interest in developing such aspect. Hope time comes soon where we can see Belgaum developed as a smartest city.

  2. Government Officials should co-operate with local Politicians then the Govt official can survive in belgaum, else he will be transferred, weather you do the development of not, you should do the development of local Politicians 🙂

  3. one more filmy story created by Mr. Angadi and firozset. first of al these idiots dont have work If someone doing good things they cant tolerate.Sabi politicians tang ladane me mahir hai. Might be they are getting less pecentage in smart city so thats why they creating nonsense story. How its possible to develop city when these hopeless politicians doing nonsense politics even cant save us…

  4. Took over a year to create the SPV and months to engage a consultant. And now they want Suervey and Investigation, Feasibility Study, Detailed Project Report and even tendering to be completed in weeks. Does it have to do with the upcoming election in Karnataka? Such approach will make Belagavi a mess, not smart. Time must be given for planning and design. Otherwise, you act in hurry and repent inliesure.


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