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Smart City work the Dumb way

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In January 2016, Belagavi was selected in the first 20 cities which were to come Smart under the Ambitious smart city project.

After 3 years about 6-7 projects minor in nature have been completed like Bus shelters, Water kiosks, Etoilet to mention a few.

The first Smart road undertaken is still under construction and only the Lord can tell when the same will be made open for use.
The KPTCL road is closed for traffic for more than 2 years now and work is never-ending, the Smart city work is been done the Dumb way, citizens say.

The next road picked up was Mandoli Road, now it is no more a road. It is all mud and dust and in the monsoon, it will be one hell of a ride in the sludge.

congress-white-toppingCongress road work picked up the pace but work continues the dumb way. All traffic on one side was blocked on June 2 from the Third gate towards Gogte Circle and the white topping work was done. But there are patches which have not been filled and the police say as work is yet to be completed it cant be open for traffic.

The road currently in use was put to use in just 7-8 days after laying the concrete but the other side it’s more than 20 days.
The smart contractors make their dumbness known to all. Look at the patch near Pop in cross it has been left without concrete for 20 days now. When total traffic is blocked why wasn’t that part also laid.

In many places the utility duct one side on Congress road is not connected due to electric poles, trees.

Now the Smart guys will realize they left it and would start to work on it and again would request the police to block traffic for another 21 days.

The Shukurwar peth work is also in progress, there also the work is begun from Budhwar peth cross and commuting from that road is also a big headache.

Work on smart roads in Shree Nagar is also in progress and also Nehru nagar.

PC: Krishna

KPTCL road is not yet ready but the Dumb guys blocked the road in front of Sukh sagar hotel up to Dharmanth Bhavan for white topping. So now commuters have to take the service road of the highway.

There is hardly any barricading or signages put up except for some Road is closed which are placed at points where it is not visible.

8 thoughts on “Smart City work the Dumb way”

  1. Language is very sarcastic Uday bhai. I understand the frustration of general public but you taking it out on the contractor is not justified either.. Its common sense that these kind of Huge projects will need time in scale.. Well I’m not defending anyone. As you say its a smart city project I’m sure the people employed to take it through must be smart enough.. Waise aap ne to pop Inn circle ka mudda utha liya to jaa ke contractor se bhi mil aate aise irresponsible comment pass karne se pahle.. 2lac followers milne ke Baad aapka to Baat karne ka andaz badal gaya..

    Abhi ye comment bhi delete ho jayega..

    • What is wrong in this. Have stated what is the truth. I dont change my self even if i have 2 lakh or only 2 followers. I am a normal citizen who raises issues of the common man. and this was in no way sarcastic. U seem to follow me from long so u must have read my sarcastic posts as well. I raised a simple Q with a simple logic if the road has been closed for 21 days now why that patch hasnt been done. Anyone will ask this so Have I.
      And not only pop in the story also has mention of the monumental rods of KPTC Land Mandoli.

  2. I don’t understand what on the Earth the lazy bulls are doing if they work this way then they will never ever do.
    Get the contact to some worthy person who had sense of knowledge and maturity to manage things on time to work to the best

  3. Contractors should be held responsible for their contracted work, just like any other jobs all the citizens do with conscious mind. Belgavi Smart city projects have been dragging on for too long.

  4. I request the editor to expose the horrible works the govt has done especially the new drainage chamber works which was installed in 2017 but two years gone they haven’t connected it and coz of which citizens are suffering badly plus the corporator is useless as well the municipality team.. only thing we hear is that don’t complaint to the higher authorities coz everyone is facing the issue and now what happened is that 2yrs have gone and nothing has happened yet… Very very slow stuff.. no roads no new drainage chamber connection yet no gutter cleaning!!

  5. After seeing the city under renovation and striving forward to be a smart city, I can easily foresee that this project is undertaken without a clear vision of the final output. Lord knows if the planners and executioners are under pressure to take up work and complete it soon without proper planning or have never planned the City. I wonder if it’s It is shortage of time to plan and execute, or have political impediments or no intentions to have a smart city or they are really Dumb. Whatever it is, it is definitely a muck.

  6. I Piety that some citizens are not smart enough to even understand the situation. if you hand over this type of work to the smart lazy bulls then baghwan bharose baitana chahiye smart to hone see raha

  7. I was shocked to see water logging on the new ROB between Gogte Circle and Goa Ves. If this is the quality of work that our govt gives us, we’re certainly doomed as far as all the Smart City projects are concerned. CEO Smart City Project needs to be changed immediately if the project needs to be seriously progressed.


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