So what is new in the Extended Lockdown in Belagavi upto June 21

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Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Thursday said COVID-19 induced lockdown measures will continue in 11 districts with high positivity ratetill June 21, while some relaxations will be given in the rest of the state from June 14.

Belagavi is among the 11 districts hence the Lockdown stands extended up to June 21.
As per the order copy issued by Deputy Commissioner Belagavi MG Hiremath, there is one new Line that needs more focus and understanding.

And that is – activities that have been given prior permission by the Taluka Level Disaster Management Committee are only allowed.

However what are those activities which have been given prior permission, may include – Agricultural needs – seeds, fertilizers etc and those industries which have got specific permission to work from the DIC.

Lockdown stands extended as per current rules only upto June 21
6 -10 am Essential shopping
Existing guidelines in force
The same relaxations allowed as per earlier Lockdown.

14 21order

movement of people has been restricted except for emergencies and vaccination purposes

Movement of persons and Private vehicle movement is not permitted at anytime unless for medical emergency.

No one else will be allowed to use many vehicles to commute anywhere.


No vehicles will be allowed to be used by persons for Taking parcels/takeaway. The only movement by walk is allowed for this purpose. However, hotels, restaurants and eateries can use vehicles for home delivery.

Also many are thinking that other districts all other shops will open, but in reality it is a NO.
Traders running “non-essential shops” say they are disappointed by the state government’s decision to not allow them to do business when the Covid restrictions are partially lifted on June 14.

Only essentials shops which are currently working will get more time up to 2 PM that is it. So if one goes to see Belagavi is losing nothing here. Again the state has weekend and night curfew as well.

So Belagavi Stay home stay safe. This too shall pass.

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  1. Initially I was disappointed, but when saw that the cases were not dipping below the mark of four hundred, I was absolutely convinced that the decision of extending the lockdown was absolutely right.
    It’s all up to the people now, how they act once there is a relaxation in the lockdown.


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