SP Sandeep Patil injured as mob resorts to stone pelting

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Superintendent of Police Sandeep Patil suffered injury on the head and other five policemen were also injured after the stone pelting by the group of agitators near the Suvarna Soudha. 

People under the Magida Misalati Horata Samithi and Justice A.J. Sadashiva Ayogada Anushthan Samithi had gathered at the SVS to present a memorandum to the Govt. for the implementation of the Justice A.J. Sadashiva Inquiry Commission report.
Police bursted tear gas shells and restored to lathi charge to get the situation under the control. Police said that more than 25 people have been arrested. 21 people have also been hurt.

Sources told that trouble broke out as the agitators who had gathered at the designated area tried to move towards the SVS and also tried to block the NH 4. It is believed that the agitators became restless when no one from the government came forward to hear to their plea.

As the mob tried to enter the SVS gates police did lathi charge and in the stone pelting that happened SP Sandeep Patil was hit by a stone and was bleeding profusely. He was bandaged at the standing 108 ambulance and he was back at scene after bandaging his head. Police resorted to indiscriminate lathi charge once they saw Sandep Patil was bleeding.

The agitators were demanding budgetary provision proportionate to the population of Madiga-Holeya community.
The situation was brought under control in sometime. 

5 thoughts on “SP Sandeep Patil injured as mob resorts to stone pelting”

  1. This is really Intresting or shud I say so dumb and stupid of the SP. First of all the SP has ignored the basic training rule of thumb-always wear protective gear when there is a protest. Has he done training at all? thats the million rupee question. if he did then what type of message is he sending to his force. This SP learned his lesson in a good way bet he was trying to be James Bond..haha. Hope next time he knows what to do.


      • Mr Bhonsle, Thanks for the response. Truth hurts eh!! for your kind info I was not one of them and I am too civilised to do things like that. Mirchi laagee kya? haha…criticism is part of the democracy. Have wonderful day.


        • what a tragedy!!!!!! A honest Police officer (a rare speices)gets hurt protecting the bunch of scamster nuts sitting inside the SVS (not all of them) & a “too civilized” citizen is ‘criticizing’ the brave leader. God Bless you JAY!!!

  2. Please Mr Bhosale..Its not a tragedy. If he had done his homework he would have worn his protective gear. HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…hahaha a Police officer….you must be kidding yourself…good one. End of the day ya..WHATEVER..


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