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Speed of Trains in between Ghatprabha and Chikodi increased

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South Western Railway has undertaken Track Renewal and Engineering Works spreading over the section between Ghatprabha and Chikodi sections. With these track renovation and engineering works, the mobility of trains on this section has been increased considerably from 10.08.2020. This has been done by reducing permanent speed restriction, expeditious removal of temporary speed restrictions to maintain long restriction free stretches to the extent possible.

Speed trial of both UP & DN line at 120-124 kmph (10% more than proposed sectional speed of 110 Kmph) was done by SWR on 05/08/2020. This could be done based on the authorization given by (CRS) Commissioner of Railway Safety, speed trial test results and detailed window trailing inspection of the section.

Hubballi division has completed all safety works on the section as directed by CRS in a record 22 days well before the target period of 3 months. Shri Vinod Bampal, Chief Track Engineer, nominated by CRS for conducting speed trial and further authorization for raising sectional speed from 70/90 kmph to 110 kmph, has conducted speed trial, Oscillation Monitoring System (OMS) run and other statutory inspection of the section and certified increase in speed of the section.

The following track related works were carried out by Hubballi division of SWR in ensuring this feat in record time:-

1. Ballasting by unloading 5 rakes equivalent to 5000 cubic metre of ballast

2. Tamping by DUOMATIC machine for 30 Track KM (15 UP and DN line), duly slewing the curves and raising of the super elevation to make them fit for higher speeds

3. One round of De-stressing of the track with greasing and sealing of the liner contact area.

4. O&E (Opening and examination) of 03 LC no’s 428,429 & 432 to attend the pumping location by removal of perished and grooved sleepers, check rail and other LC fittings and fastening attention.

5. Cess works at high embankment location of Km 676-678 to ensure adequate drainage, prevention of rolling down of ballast, cross levels attention etc.

The engineering works were result of persistent monitoring of Shri Vipul Kumar, Principal Chief Engineer and Shri Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager/Hubballi.

Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR has informed that increasing of speed on this section from 70/90 to 110 Kmph will improve mobility and enable SWR to run both freight and passenger trains faster. First section of Hubballi division to have Sectional speed of 110 Kmph.

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