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Speeding truck claims one more life

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With non implementation of the ban on heavy vehicles in Belagavi city, one more 23 year old man identified as Saurabh Suresh Patil a resident of Vijaynagar nagar was killed when his vehicles was hit by speeding truck near Military Dairy.

accident-car-dashThe speeding truck hit the car of Saurabh and he lost the life of battle in the hospital. The police have registered a case of negligent and over speed driving on Yalappa, the driver of the truck.

A week ago a class 8 student was killed when his bicycle was hit by a truck.
Now the citizens are demanding for the implementation of the heavy vehicles ban in the city but implementation of the same does not seem easy without a ring road.

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  1. Very serious situation…. Though this beautiful city is bound to be one of the best ones too… The district administration and the civic bodies are acting like leg pulling crabs..

  2. Land acquisition is becoming difficult, ROI of the ring road is very low, Belagavi wont expand once ORR comes up unlike Bangalore, where ORR has now become a normal road with massive traffic jams. So while it is wishful thinking to have ORR in belagavi, may be there is no commercial motive for the same.
    Just as an analogy, the peripheral ring road of Bengaluru is stuck on paper for more time than the ORR of Belagavi.
    On a different note, deaths due to rash driving will happen on ORR also as and when it comes up


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