Spicejet flights diverted to Belagavi upto March 13

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Spicejet flights diverted to Belagavi upto March 13

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After SpiceJet flight overshot the runway at the Hubballi airport on Sunday evening following a reported tyre burst during its landing, all Spicejet flights have been diverted to Belagavi until March 13, 2015.


The runway at Hubballi is still closed, so flights cannot go there. Permission to operate from Belagavi was received from DGCA on Monday evening – it involved re-opening the airport.

So all three flights the morning and evening flight to and from Bengaluru and afternoon Mumbai flight will fly from Belagavi.

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  1. Our airport used for diverted flights.
    Our railway line used for diverted trains.
    Our NH used by trucks which are not concerned to our city.

    Let our oxygen also be used by outsiders.
    Unfortunate CITY

    पड़ोसी की शादी मे अब्दुल्ला दीवाना


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