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AllAboutBelgaum has been fortunate to witness support from across the globe ― New Zealand to the Americas! Expanding readership is vital to bring quality news.allabtbgmlogo1

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1 thought on “Spread the word AllAboutBelgaum needs your help”

  1. Dear AllAboutBelgaum members,
    I am born and bought up at Belgaum and am a true Belgaumite. I am proud of being a Belgaumite. I am very glad that you people have come up with nice website to cover almost all aspects of Belgaum under it. I sincerely thank all the team for this site. I regularly keep visiting this site and read the news that are given on the site.

    Just for your kind information, I am a web designer/developer who is experienced in Java, JSP, PHP (Joomla, WordPress and plain PHP), HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (ExtJS as well). I would be glad to help the AllAboutBelgaum members to maintain/develop their site whenever needed. At times, when it is needed I am ready to help generously without any kind of expectation (publicity or financial) from the team.

    You are doing a great job and I would sincerely like to be part of this great website (in any sense as you guys fit).

    Warm regards


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