Spreading the green message at 73


shettyEvery morning one can see an old man, very slim with a broom in his hand sweeping the roads and the bus stand at Hanuman Nagar. Many passers by do have a look at him but never stop to ask what and why is doing this. Meet the young man of 73, Mallikarjun Shetty who resides in Hanuman Nagar. He retired as a superintendent engineer from Maharashtra Electricity Supply Board and now spends most of his time for spreading the message of going green and avoid using plastic bags.

He was also instrumental in shifting the Suvarna soudha from Vaccine depot.
People also credit to him the door-to-door collection of garbage idea, which is now followed all over the city, it was he who started this in his locality.


Mr.Shetty has also planted hundreds of trees and speaks to the youth about how to maintain the ecological balance. 



  1. good work from the old man god bless him, we need like minded people in our city, please keep city clean and green

  2. Again a great personality from belgaum ! Lets learn and adopt at least a part from bunch of his ideas in our lives.


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