Stamp duty on Buildings now 900 per Sq/ft


love dale belagavi

From now on if u buy a Flat or land you will have to shell Rs.900 per Sq/feet as Stamp duty to the government. This come s to 11% almost.
Earlier the rate was Rs.440 per Sq/feet. A 100% increase is done only with a view to increase the goverenmenrtts revenue. What a way to do it?????

Trinity Belagavi


  1. This is hopeless step of govt they don’t provide us basic thing like road and water and keep increasing the stamp duty ( aaah it reminds me of stamp paper telgi scandal).
    These people collect money from cities like belgaum , hubli and spend it on developing bangalore where most people are immigrants from TN,AP or kerala.
    Their is no reason to justify increase of 100% for a city like belgaum.


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