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Standing tall with no utility

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BelgaumFor the Vishwa Kannada Sammelna which was held in March 2011, the city of Belgaum was beautified like a dulhan with new pavements, roads and some fancy lights on the pavements.

Take for example the lights fixed on Congress road on the so called footpath made which the commuters hardly use as a footpath.
Some nice looking lights were fixed on the same which were able to throw some light on the 2 feet pavements and were working for a month after the VKS in 2011. Then as any Government work it stopped working and during the assembly session it did illuminate again. But now seeing the condition of these lamps, we can surely say our money has gone to dogs.

Local residents say, they havent seen them illuminate for over 2 months, a few are broken, some have lost their bulbs a few their fancy glass, and no one is interested in looking at them or repairing them.

Over crores have been spent on installing the same lamps but no one cares to see that they are of some utility to the society. congressroad_lamps

3 thoughts on “Standing tall with no utility”

  1. Its also the responsibility of the people of the city to take care of it. For example you paint a govt office in Beglgaum and you will see within a weeks time the walls will be dirty… with some people spiting etc…

  2. good work uday post such photos form all the area wheather they were put for vishwa sammelan or election so that the BCC have look on it and work


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