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Stars of Belgaum: Lakshmi Rai in Tamil, Kannada & Malyalam Films


Lakshmi Rai was born in Bangalore and was brought up at Belgaum, Her dad was into business her mother is a homemaker. she was the youngest of the three daughters to her parents. she did her studies at Belgaum and was indulged in either modeling, dancing right from my high school days. She tried hard and got the ‘Miss Belgaum’ title for 2 years from 2002 to 2004 .

Lakshmi Rai in her first film in Tamil `Karka Kasadara’ has got her lot of attention. Her first film in Telugu is Kanchanganga cablewala and Valmiki in Kannada is soon to release. Her portfolios reached director Uthayakumar. He asked her to come over. He screen tested Lakshmi and thus she landed up in films.

They must be the backbone to their daughter’s career. Rai’s is very close knit family. They are three sisters. Lakshmi am the youngest and hence the most pampered girl. Whenever they are at home they have our share of fights and fun. Lakshmi is Lush to her sisters while her mother calls me Lucky. Her father had expected the last kid to be a boy and so he calls Lakshmi-‘Krishna’.

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