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Story taken from my associate blog:
We are totally upset over the recent attitude and act of state government especially education department and vice chancellors of VTUThe VTU Bosh and Rexorth R & D centre is opened in Mysore and even the German tool room was established at Bangalore, the e-learning studio of VTU is in Mysore,Why not the proper expansion of VTU takes place in Belgaum.
Why the government have this sham and show off in showing its attitude towards North Karnataka in general and Belgaum in particular, North Karnataka cities mainly Belgaum and twin cities hubli dharwad are the best potent cities with diverse culture and skilled manpower resource ,I highly feel off for such attitude of state government, I want Belgaumites to come forward and fight for such discrimination , Why not Belgaum have such development centre and studios.
The wake up call some weakness and strength
Strength :Belgaum contributes second largest revenue to state and first in horticulture export
Weakness: Cargo handling facility at Belgaum Airport for agriculture and horticulture export was planned and never executed.

Strength: Equidistant to Bangalore Mumbai and Hyderabad
Weakness : No initiative form state government for Belgaum-Dharwad and Belgaum-Bagalkot-Raichur Rail line

Strength: American and foreign universities, GEMS education interested to establish educational township in Belgaum
Weakness : lack of political will and slow response form state government to make investor friendly approach towards Belgaum

Still at LargeIT park ( only foundation stone , no facilities)
Textile Park ( Private partnership , in progress)
Power generation projects ( 1 Shelved and 2 are on hold for indefinite time)
Food and Agriculture park (bureaucratic delays and lack of support to contractor)
International cricket stadium ( only land allotted and no further move on it)
Airport expansion funds available with state government from AAI but not ready to utilize for settlement of farm land acquired by farmers , fight over the cost of landRing road , just ringing around in papers
Suvarna Vidhan Suadha , only foundation stone
Vaccine institute to be developed in Belgaum as research centre, no further news on it
Auto complex an utter flop due to lack of proper planning .
Lot of entrepreneurs investing in border district of Maharashtra. Well there are many still but will never work till are made aware and brought to public noticeLet Belgaum flourish and we the Belgaumites reap benefits of it.



  1. Dear Friend,

    This only shows that we have been sleeping all these days, to be precise. Look at the kind of developments that the government is showering on non-North Karnataka cities and compare it with our cities. This has not been new though…don’t you think?

    What we need is to get this message of this glaring ‘malataayi’ attitude towards our cities to people who are educated and can understand. Sadly there is no easy way to resolve this silent oppression on North Karnataka region.

    Look at the recent development regarding the Railway corridor too…@ Same thing. They have included Hubli-Dharwad “also” in the news article. I bet you, when the realities surface, Hubli-Dharwad would have disappeared.

    Well, well, well….Like Mahatma said…”Be the change you want to see in the world.” Let it start from you, from me, from friends of similar thoughts…we will be able to bring about the changes, albeit late. There is nothing beyond human’s perceivable achievements, if one has strong “sankalpa”.

    Come on friends, let us join hands and do something for our region/our people.

    Thanks and have a good day.

    Best regards,
    Nagesh Tavarageri


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