St.Pauls Wins for 22nd time: Royston Memorial Football


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 St.Pauls Wins for 22nd time: Royston Memorial Football


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St.Pauls has won the 28th Royston Memorial Football by beating G G Chitnis School 5 goals to 0.


Hip Hip Hurrayyyy !!!!
Ground reporter: Kiran Nippanikar



My great Thanks to Kiran Nippanikar for giving me the live updates

Trinity Belagavi


  1. Hurray!!!!!!
    Thanks for the news man.. i am glad we are back on the winning streak!
    and whats with GG Chitnis making it to the finals…. whoa. anyways, as long as we win…. and yeah, good to know we are back to scoring close to half a dozen goals in the finals hehehe keep it going paulites…. brother rego – you rock!!heard you are back!


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