Stray dog menace irks residents

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dogsResidents of Subhashchandra nagar  and 1st stage Rani Chennamma nagar complain that the stray dog menace in their area has reached an alarming level. They claimed that the dogs in the area had become ferocious and had tried to attack many children playing around.

A resident said, “my daughter was chased by 2 dogs together as a pack. With gods grace they came within inches from her. She yelled and we too. After which they ran away. Last week my cousin brothers son too was targeted by the same dogs. This time they entered the main door and when the ladies in the house yelled they ran away.”

The authorities need into look into this with urgency and not wait for a fatal accident to occur. Also it would be beneficial if the kids get lessons in school on tackling the stray dogs. A similar exercise is being undertaken in Bangalore currently.


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  1. I do understand with BELGAUM’s growth day by day we face such problems. Its nothing new. But as of now we have enough time in hand to control the future mess such problems will cause.

    Later I don’t want authorities to start killing these stray souls, or public getting ferocious & start poisoning these stray souls.

    Thus I request AAB & Citizen forums join hand and pressurize the BCC & DC to start ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme sincerely, if necessary BCC can create a separate wing for this in collaboration with Veterinary Hospitals.

    Its my humble request to AAB & Belgaum public that once this budding issues goes out of control, its painful to see or read articles of these stray souls being killed or helplessly bearing the human torture.

    All leaving creatures on this earth have the equal right to live & enjoy the life gifted by the almighty and it’s each ones responsibility to support the same.

    I am a hard core nature lover & have been working with NGO’s for past few years, thus my soul cries when I see or listen to any such news.

    Though I am out of Belgaum I can join you all for any help in this matter.

    • Hello Praveen,
      Read your post Kune 2013 regarding stray dog menace and your thoughts n suggestions to address the issue in a humane way. If you happen to be in Belgaum, pl contact at [email protected]

      • I just had heated argument in my bldg for a female pup hardly 6 to 7 months old…who is kick out of the gate…or beaten as she keeps playing with kids….I have been feeding her since she was a baby….but here people give more important to humans then animal……this innocent souls are been beaten….or kill for no reason….when they are small..they bring them to play as a toy…and once grown up are kick…it’s so sad…to make each and everyone live and let them live

  2. There are many stray dogs in nanawadi. All of the dogs have gone furious now days and are trying to attack many residents and little children!!…. Please send me the dog catchers phone number so that i can contact them …..this is my phone no( 8197271816 )

  3. The corporation ppl have already killed three dogs who were very friendly with me and two cats also. How can they do this. Some two ladies had complaint against those dogs but they caused no harm. And the people poisoned those dogs. This such In human act?? How can they kill dogs? Which were friendly?? Is this what humanity teaches us? And on Tuesday 11 April they r gona kill other dogs in “adarsha nagar 3 cross” .. plz help me sir/ma’am.

  4. Dogs will not harm until people will harm them…so all the incident reported might have about dog menace might have been triggered by human activities…. All creatures have equal rights to live in society… They are not coming in our places instead we are occupying their places day by day…. Save animals.


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