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Everybody talks about change. But in reality how many of us actually work for that change? By standing up, collaborating, giving back and helping each other create the change we’re striving for? No matter how busy an individual is, however, caught up by the constant rat-race, it is always possible to give back. Giving back means standing up for some cause for the sole reward of the realization that it has significantly affected a positive change.

Gouree Manjarekar, Co-Founder of Pankh handicrafts has always tried her best to empower women. Pankh was started for sustainable charity which aims to educate, employ, empower women by training them and providing them a platform to exhibit their skills. She has been working for this cause from past 9 years and has helped many ladies earn their livelihood through various projects. The profit made at pankh is put back in society by regular donations to underprivileged children in schools, in the form of school bags, stationery, winter jackets, blankets. More than 1000 children are benefited through their donation drives.

STREE, pankh initiativeShe recently started a unique online facebook forum named STREE, which is a pankh initiative. Instead of restricting the mission of educating, employing, empowering women of one place, she decided to create an online family for women without keeping restrictions on boundaries. This group has women from all over the world and is expanding, started with just 500 members it has now become a 5600 member family.

Speaking to AAB, Gouree said, Stree is not just a promotional group but it is a complete package in itself. Stree is the best friend any women can ever ask for! They have days allocated for every shade of a women’s life.
Mondays- Motivation and legal advice.

Tuesdays – Home Décor, Gardening, Recipes

Wednesdays – Parenting & Youth talk

Thursdays – Market days

Friday- Expert talks, health talks by doctors’

Saturday – Fitness and beauty

Sunday- Photography, and Travel

Articles are written by panel members of Stree who are experts in their respective fields. Many articles are put up and lady doctors have joined in for health talks which are EDUCATING the ladies in the group. Members can post promotional posts every evening and hence Stree also helps in empowering them. Stree has also started an online flea market, a concept quite unique. If you are a seller, long days hauling your items, setting up booths, investments are a pain. Stree is up with a solution, Every month there are flea markets With proper booths allotted to the participants, members can visit booths in the market and avail the discounts. A virtual experience of shopping!!

As this is strictly a ladies group, they do have an official Facebook page where all the featured articles, videos are open for all to read.

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