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SuperWoman- Mrs Belgavi Pageant at Rotary Annotsava

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By uday

Empowering women and motivating them to step out of their comfort zone and express themselves is the motive / concept of SuperWoman- Mrs Belgavi Pageant which is called SUPER WOMAN .

The Rotary Club of Belgaum, believes that every woman is a superwoman, she just needs a reminder sometimes. Women juggle many roles every single day and deserve to be recognized for the work they do. Many Women go unrecognized because of their daily routine with family, work, and children. The concept for SUPER WOMAN – Mrs. Belagavi pageant was born from this belief.

However, most conventional pageants focus on appearance only, and we wanted to challenge that. Every woman lives a multifaceted life, and this pageant is all about showcasing their many skills and talents beyond their appearance.

Thus the entire event is conceptualized and judged on the following criteria.
There are 5 exciting rounds, the superwomen have to go through in the competition before the winner is decided. The inclusion of skills and talents beyond beauty provides a more inclusive and rounded approach to pageants and showcases the qualities of these superwomen. We hope it will also boost their confidence, and harbor lasting connections with other superwomen.

The eligibility criteria for this contest is a Married Woman age of 35 and above and a resident of Belagavi.

The Preliminary rounds are as follows-

  1. Talent Round which is awarded 20 Points.
  2. Cooking Round which is awarded 20 points
  3. Fitness Round which is awarded 10 Points,
rotary super woman

Final day Rounds are as follows –

  1. SHEROES Round which is awarded 10 Pts. – Where the participant has to enact/play a real life woman hero (hence SHeroes) of her choice.
  2. Western round which is awarded 10 pts – Where the participant will do the Ramp Walk in Western Attire
  3. Saree Round which is awarded 10 pts – Where the participant will do the Ramp Walk in saree which is our traditional Indian Attire.
  4. And then the final Question and Answer Round which is awarded 20 Pts.

So if you see the above table it is very clear that we are not just judging the women on beauty. It is very clear that the participant wins, if she is good overall. That is why the Title name “Super Woman”. The motto of the event was very clear – Beauty with Talent and Brains.

There was an open invitation to the Women of Belagavi to participate in this event this year. There is a total of 24 participants this year like last year, who have been shortlisted and who will participate on 13th Jan 2024.

The first three rounds of Talent, fitness and cooking were conducted on 9th & 10th of January 2024 at Masonic hall Camp Belgaum.

The Grand Finale with Ramp Walk and Questionnaire will be held on Saturday 13th January 2024 at ANNOTSAV, CPED Grounds, Club Road Belagavi.
Last year’s winner of the Title Superwoman- Belagavi 2023 Mrs. Amruta Raibagi will be crowning this year’s Winner of Superwoman. Belagavi 2024.Hall

The highlight of this year’s event is going to be the presence of Miss Rati Hulji who was born in Belagavi. She was Femina Miss India Karnataka 2020. Additionally, she also achieved a commendable position as one of the Top 5 finalists in the Femina Miss India Competition. Hailing from the beautiful city of Belagavi, she is very proud to represent her roots on this remarkable journey. She is an actor and model too.

This is a Mega Event at Annotsav for the Rotary Club of Belgaum and the same is Planned, Organised, executed, and conducted by the Rotarians and Rotarian Anns. This is the second year of this competition.

The event will be great in magnitude and will be conducted with utmost professionalism like last year and so we request all the ladies of Belagavi to come and witness the event in large numbers.

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