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Supply of drinking water to people and livestock: DC Belagavi

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Due to a delay in the rainy season, certain areas within Belagavi district are experiencing a shortage of drinking water. In response, Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil has directed the Tehsildars to convene a task force meeting under the guidance of their respective MLAs to develop a proposal outlining necessary steps and required funding.

During a video conferencing meeting on Monday, officials discussed precautionary measures to ensure adequate drinking water supply for both people and livestock. The task force meeting will analyze the issue within each taluk or constituency and prepare a proposal for emergency works, including the necessary grant funding.

The Collector emphasized that a proposal will be submitted to the government to request additional funding based on the task force’s recommendations. The MLA will advise on the best course of action within the available funds, and the Department of Rural Drinking Water Supply has allocated sufficient grants for emergency work.

Furthermore, additional grants will be available through adjustment for each taluk, allowing for swift action to be taken to address the shortage of drinking water.

Water Supply Notice via Tanker:

The Deputy Commissioner, Nitesh Patil, has issued a notice to all Tehsildars and local organization heads to take immediate action in supplying water through tankers if there is a shortage of drinking water in any area of the district. To ensure that the necessary steps are taken, grants are available for emergency works and water supply through tankers. These grants should be utilized adequately as per the need.

The Deputy Commissioner has emphasized that grants are available in all local bodies and village panchayats. If private tubewells are available, they should be hired immediately to ensure that the water supply is not disrupted. To ensure that the problem of drinking water is addressed promptly, Tahsildars and TAP Executive Officers have been instructed to visit the villages under their jurisdiction and respond immediately.

During the meeting, Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer, Harshal Bhoyar, reported that water is being supplied through tankers in seven Gram Panchayats of Athani Taluk. He also explained that steps are being taken to provide water through tube wells in 40 places.

In conclusion, the Deputy Commissioner has taken a proactive approach to ensure that the residents of the district have access to clean drinking water. The grants available for emergency works and water supply through tankers should be utilized adequately to address the problem of drinking water.

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The efforts of the Tahsildars and TAP Executive Officers in visiting the villages under their jurisdiction and responding immediately will go a long way in ensuring that the problem of drinking water is addressed promptly.

In the same vein, there exists an issue with the availability of potable water in four or five taluks within the district, resulting in the need for water to be transported via tankers. However, the scarcity of resources for drilling boreholes is not a concern. As a result, we are actively seeking proposals to construct open wells and tube wells, as stated by Harshal, the CEO of Zilla Panchayat.

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