Swimming pool to get a face lift

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In a welcome development, although unwittingly, two political rivals within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have made a common cause for the benefit of young swimmers who have brought laurels to their city by winning gold and silver medals in international, national and State-level meets in recent years.

It is no secret that Belgaum MP Suresh C. Angadi and MLA Abhay Kumar Patil do not see eye to eye and always look for opportunities to embarrass each other. Their rivalry sometimes turns into a competition of sorts but out of political compulsions, which is a blessing in disguise for the local people.

This time, it is the swimming pool, which is getting a facelift with the funds sanctioned by the two leaders. Mr. Angadi has sanctioned Rs. 2 lakh and Mr. Patil Rs. 1 lakh from their respective local area development funds for renovation and beautification of the Rotary-Corporation Swimming Pool in the city.

Now just look at this; two leaders from the same party but do not work with each other, this is democracy. At last, some funds will be utilized for the swimming pool and its betterment. Better never than late, that all we all can say and the next time when you want to swim in the Rotary-Corporation Swimming Pool in the city what would say Cheers to Angadi or Patil?

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