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Targets for Traffic Cops too!

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Traffic police, particularly officers, are literally living their life on roads these days. With a monthly fine collection target fixed per head, the officers are spending most part of the day and even the night on roads penalising errant vehicle drivers.

Actually, the cash-strapped government (despite collecting huge taxes) might have issued directions for imposing more fine to fill its coffers.

However, they are failing to bring in any order on the roads as traffic management in the city is in shambles.

The Traffic management center also has targets our sources said, who get hold of traffic violators through the CCTV footage.

cops-fineOne police constable who was busy issuing receipts when approached to clear a jam at the circle said he has targets to be achieved.

It is a common scene in Belagavi to see 4-7 policemen which includes an ASI stopping vehicles for traffic violations but are least bothered to clear a jam nearby.

Some drives like the Drunken driving has been appreciated by the citizen but at the same time if the traffic police don’t come forward to manage the traffic and are only engaged in collecting fines as per orders of the higher-ups, then it will be a pity that the commuters will have to make their own way out of traffic.

It has been years that there has been a traffic police seen at Dharmveer Sambahji circle, the main circle in the city. Rani Chennamma circle does have a few policemen seen working on traffic movements occasionally.

3 thoughts on “Targets for Traffic Cops too!”

  1. Please start fining Auto’s Also

    – Auto covered in non transparent glass shields
    – Auto Glasses should be transparent
    – There should not be 2 or 3 people sitting on driver seat
    – New auto registration needs to happen in Green/yellow colour and not black
    – Most important Auto should charge on Meter………………

  2. Seems like Belgavi police department needs to have more manpower to control traffic as well as issuing fines for traffic violence.

  3. First they fine for not wearing helmet.
    Next time when the rider is wearing helmet he/she is fined for no mirrors.
    Again next time when there is helmet,mirrors etc they fine for defective number plate.
    My question is when the fine u for the first time y didn’t they notice defective number plate.

    Is become pure business.
    When everything is in order they find a way so called rules to fine conman people…..


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