Team Lakshya Racing from GIT participated in SUPRA SAEINDIA

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Team Lakshya Racing of KLS’s Gogte Institute of Technology has participated in SUPRA SAEINDIA held at Buddh International Circuit. SUPRA SAEINDIA is an event that challenges young minds to compete as teams in designing a Formula category vehicle which is completely designed, developed and fabricated by the students. For this season, 149 teams registered for the event and 123 teams participated in the Main Event.

lakshya-gitTeam Lakshya Racing GIT comprises of 22 student members from Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The project was designed and developed under the effective guidance of Faculty Advisors Dr. Shrinivas Gombi, HOD- Department of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. S.P.Deshpande of E&C Dept. The project was completely funded by the KLS Management.

The designed vehicle has a wheelbase of 1.7m and wheel track of 1.3m with overall length of 2.7m .The car is powered by an engine of KTM RC390 mounted on tubular space frame chassis weighing 42kg with a double wishbone suspension and 220mm steel brake discs at the front and rear with light weight aluminium piston callipers. The car underwent rigorous evaluation procedure under different parameters like static and dynamic tests, cost analysis, design evaluation and Business Presentation.

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  1. Congratulations….! But it is very astonishing to know why the Automobile Eng division is not involved in this project, when it closely relates to it. Strange. I am not an engineer though, but still then one wonders why?


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