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Terrace garden yields apple fruit

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Terrace gardening might be a known concept at homes but normally are limited to decorative plants and flowers. But a retired teacher in Vijaya Nagar has grown apples in the pot and is very happy about the fruits yeild.

Anjana Bhatkande
Anjana Bhatkande

Anjana Bhatkande has yielded Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Strawberry, mulberry, Common figs, Citrus aurantium and on her roof top residence and also a few in pots only on the land.

In an era when space crunch is one of the major issues that urban spaces are battling, Anjana utlised the roof top to make her dream. Inspired by her father who was a farmer she used to accompany him to agro exhibitions and also buying of seeds and saplings.

It is uncommon for a apple to be yielded in this weather but the tree she has planted has yielded an apple too recently.

Now Anjana plans to shift her focus on plating medicinal plants which can be readily used by her and her neighbors.

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