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They are back! Good Samaritans to help Belagavi


Unprecedented rain and then followed by waterlogged streets, flooded houses, stranded transportation – all this and more define the grim situation in Belagavi in August 2019.
And now with the COVID-19 lock-down, those great souls are back in action spreading happiness in their own little way.

In such a situation, it is very important for people to help each other out. And they are doing so in some amazing ways.


These Good Samaritans did not miss out on any opportunities to assist. This is our chance to thank and salute the selfless people who are doing their best for their fellow beings while being in the middle of a crisis themselves.

A host of Good Samaritan has come forward to help the stranded, the poor, the ones at Civil Hospital, Railway Station, etc. May it be with food, rescuing the stranded or giving medical help.

We also have those who are feeding the stray animals and taking care of them.
Good Samaritan’s from different religious backgrounds are working round the clock to supply food for the needy.

Some are supplying food packets with ready food some have made kits of essentials and distributing the same to the needy.

Some have on their own taken the challenge of cleaning and disinfecting the city. A group is spraying disinfectant all over the city. The city corporation is also doing it but they are contributing to society in their own way.

We salute this gesture of the people who have come to help others in need of time.

Salute to the great spirit of Belagavi.




  1. May the God of grace continually protect those good Samaritans who all are using their precious hands to furthering the kingdom of heaven.

    • Good evening. The works for the novels very good and apricated, as I want to share my view that is market area stry Animal s still searching for the feeding , please have rounds in city any find out such cases so they will be shifted to saffer places. Thanks.

  2. Belgaum are truly compassionate citizens. At any given situation they come forward with full might and help everyone without any bias. I am a belgaumite basically now living in Dehradun. I am very proud of my birth place, schooling and educational institutions. I pray God to keep all free from infections and problems and bless everyone with healthy and happy life.Amen God bless!!!

  3. Thank you to each and every one of you precious, kind souls. The world needs more of your kind desperately. Not only in these trying times but in general. I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

    Be safe and stay blessed people 🙏

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